6 Great Reasons to Visit Tokyo?

Tokyo caters to some of the most thrilling sightseers that are world-famous. Hop into this gorgeous city which has hidden history to be explored along with several insights. 

A city full of entertainment zones that offer to all age groups is waiting for you all. So make a trip to this city to try out some famous cuisines, its amazing culture and the hidden gems.

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6 Great Reasons to Visit Tokyo?

Readout all the following sightseers which make the city worth visiting:


Yanaka in Tokyo is an astonishing place to visit which is famous for its modern and futuristic side. Hop into this sit to explore the true hidden gem in central Tokyo and watch out for the high-tech and skyscrapers. You will find this place worth visiting to explore the historical side and the most unspoiled atmosphere. Enjoy the different views of Tokyo along with capturing peaceful local vibes while traveling with kids. 

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Nezu Shrine 

Nezu Shrine can be accessed by walking a small distance, located a short while from the Ueno area, and offers several things to watch and explore. This place has a shrine best known for its Azalea Festival, so visit this site during the springtime, located near the Yanaka area. This site is close to Bunkyo ward, where visitors get an insight of the famous and gorgeous tunnel made with frequent vermilion torii gates. You will find this site to be a very fascinating one, so don’t miss out on this place.


Hiroo is a great choice that offers a distressing and sophisticated atmosphere for spending weekends or holidays during vacation time. You will find this popular area an amazing one to explore the famous Tokyo food culture. Visit this happening place nestled near Shibuya and Ebisu and houses expensive spots, including popular cafes and restaurants. So guys, get ready to spend your evenings with family and friends at this stunning spot.

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Yayoi Kusama Museum

Yayoi Kusama exhibits things associated with the pop art queen, where people wait for her upcoming exhibition. This museum has been opened for the public that was constructed after the big success of Yayoi exhibitions held in 2017 Tokyo and Kyoto. This museum is a true year of the pop art queen, so take some time out to get a glance at her avant-garde sensation. Then, hop into the museum, famous among the locals and visitors, to get acquainted with the most hidden facts about the town’s history.

Tsukishima Monja Street

Monja street Yaki is a famous street known as Monja, which offers some traditional local dishes in Tokyo, though not so popular among foreigners. Visit this area to try out this delectable dish which is extremely matchless and unaccustomed. Try this dish which is famous among the locals and people worldwide drop in to give a treat to their buds.

Tokyo is one of the most visited cities and has made an increasing growth in tourism.

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