6 Things To Know When Buying A Vintage Porsche

Getting your dream car on sale can be like a dream come true. Who doesn’t like the sound of old classic, collector cars? A car enthusiast will go gaga after hearing the siren song of classic cars. I hope you’re one of us, the car lovers. And I am sure you don’t pay the price just like that when you see a classic car on sale, that’s somehow very foolish to do.

Unlike your regular car that you drive, classic cars value will rise up when you drive them, whereas, the opposite will happen to the current cars in the market. Why? Because “Old is gold, and history always repeats itself with more strength every time”.

Being passionate for classic or vintage cars calls for the awareness about some rules that mustn’t be ignored while purchasing your dream car. Today, in this article we’ll discuss few of them.

Inspect before buying

Your classic Porsche, no matter how beautiful it’s looking from the outside, it may or may not be healthy from the inside. With time the engine, transmission, braking, and other metallic & non-metallic parts get damaged or stop working due to long inactivity, less care, and exposure to raw climatic conditions.

So, buying the vintage beauty without proper inspection will be a witless action. There are multiple professional who can inspect your car from the outside and the inside to verify if it’s worth paying for the car.

Say “NO” if you see rust

Things which look beautiful have more chances of getting purchased, but, the same shouldn’t be done in terms of cars. Make sure the car is working at its best. Also, if you’re buying a vintage Porsche, make sure you don’t find rust on them. A bubble or two is okay, but, if you spot more signs of rusting than that, instantly cancel the deal. Rusting on a car makes it very difficult to be restored.

Find out the insurance cost

Car insurance are very expensive and needless to say, it would be difficult to find cheap insurance for your car, but not in the case of your vintage Porsche. Surprisingly, the insurance rates for vintage cars is very low compared to regular cars. Why? Because there’s a tradition of vintage cars which even the insurance providers know, “they are pampered more than driven”. And this fact about vintage cars makes the insurance cost cheaper.

Find a mechanic before you buy

You’ll regularly need a mechanic to help you out in the maintenance of your classic Porsche. So, before you buy the car, ensure that you have an expert mechanic in your area who can lend you a helping hand.

Know the upkeep costs and whether you can afford it

Older the car, higher the maintenance cost. Find out how much is the upkeep cost for the vintage car you’re buying and ask yourself if you can afford it. Your vintage Porsche can be your biggest investment if you can keep it shining and running at its best because there are millions of car enthusiast who will die have a vintage Porsche in their garage.

Decide whether it’s an investment or a passion

Some people, probably those who are business minded purchase vintage Porsche cars as an investment. They purchase the car, restore it and sell it at a higher cost to any car enthusiast. But, there are people still alive who’re passionate and dream themselves holding the steering wheel inside a Vintage Porsche.

Olivia Rs