5 Things About Your Car That Affects Your Car Insurance Cost

Buying a new insurance for your car or renewing, there are certain facts about your car that come into play when deciding the cost. You must have filled all the details about your car when seeking a new car insurance, these details decide how much you have to pay for your car insurance.

5 Things About Your Car That Affects Your Car Insurance Cost

So, next time you go for buying a new insurance, you would like to keep these details in mind to get a lower insurance premium.

1. Year of Manufacturing: Year of manufacturing is a prominent factor in deciding the cost of car insurance premium. If your car is brand new or it was manufactured very recently in last one or two years, chances are that you might get a discount. Whereas, the cars which were manufactured very long ago might not enjoy a lower cost of premiums.

2. Brand new or used: If you’re seeking a premium for a used car, it’s needless to say that the premium amount and the cost of insurance will be high. However, if your car is just out of the showroom, you may get a ‘new car discount’ which is a very common offering from all insurance companies.

3. The car manufacturer brand: Which car company manufactured your car or which brand car you own might also help you lower cost of your car insurance. If your car brand is a local American brand, you might get lower insurance cost because the parts will be easier to get if the car gets broken. On the other hand, if your car is a foreign brand, your car insurance cost will be comparatively higher because the cost of getting the replacement part will be higher.

4. Model: Each car company has different models of the same car, so, the common car models are insured at a lower cost because the parts are easier to find. Whereas, if you own a fancier model which very fewer people buy, you’re gonna have to pay for the insurance. The base model of the car is often cheaper for purchase and thus the insurance cost is also lower.

5. Safety features: Every car company allows the owner to choose the safety features in their car. If the owner wants airbag in their car they can have it fitted inside their car or else they can say NO. But, if your car doesn’t have an airbag, your car insurance company might not like it and offer you higher cost of insurance. Moreover, the safety features provided in the car protect the owner or driver from accidents. So, the cost of insurance depends on whether you have one airbag, two airbags, or no airbags in your car.

Bottom line: Next time you plan to purchase a car, keep these things in mind to grab a cheaper car insurance.

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