7 Best Under Eye Creams 

While not everybody requires an eye cream, it is a must for every aging skincare routine. That’s because skin around the eyes becomes drier, thinner and more delicate as you age. Moreover, skin around these parts are prone to puffiness and dark circles due to a network of fragile capilliaries prone to breakage and fluid leaks, not to mention the involvement of your eye area in every facial expression and squint that you make.

When is the right time to use an eye cream? The moment you start feeling your skin become drier than usual is the right time you took advantage of an eye cream formulation, like Neocutis. For most, that happens in their late 20s while some don’t feel any difference in their skin’s behavior until their mid-30s.

7 Best Under Eye Creams

Since it is not uncommon to be overwhelmed and intimidated by skincare products, eye creams included, below are 7 of the eye creams that are worth your attention and further evaluation, of course!

1. fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream, US$ 43 for 15 ml jar. One of the first-ever challenges to skin that’s transitioning from young to aging, is the significant decline in protective antioxidants in the skin. This leaves the skin more prone to cellular damage caused by free radicals produced by the body itself and by environmental stressors. This product can help you make up for that loss. It is made with a full menu of botanically derived antioxidants which it fuses in its proprietary Super 7 Complex.

2. City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream, US$67 for 0.5 oz. Rejuvenate and protect skin surrounding the eye area from tired look, aging, puffiness, wrinkling and dark under eyes. With a formulation designed with muscle-relazing argireline, antioxidant-rich green tea, and wrinkle-correcting retinyl and Matrixyl 3000, beat signs of skin aging from appearing around the eye area.

3. Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye Cream, US$85 for1 fl.oz. bottle. This product turns to the heat-resisting and moisture-locking power of five desert plants — cactus, prickly pear, blue agave, aloe vera and lady’s slipper orchid — to boost your skin’s moisture and antioxidant levels. It is also infused with the deeply moisturizing Olive Oil and hyper pigmentation correcting properties of squalene. Olive oil also relieves the skin from inflammation and other skin irritations.

4. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream, US$12.99 for 0.5 fl. oz. If dark under eyes is your primary eye skin issue, this product is for you. This formulation is made with Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide which is well-known to improve microcirculation and capillary strength to prevent blood clots and leaks which cause eye skin to darken and become puffy. It also contains the barrier forming and rebuilding ceramides and aloe to thicken the naturally thin skin around the eyes.

5. Neocutis Lumière Bio-Restorative Eye Cream, $90 for every 0.5 fl. oz. When you see fine lines building on the corner of your eyes, perhaps its time to apply this product. It is made with antioxidants, growth factors and collagen required to rebuild and restructure damages in the skin matrix, while simultaneously facilitating faster skin cell turnover. It also contains the anti-inflammatory Bisabolol, moisture holding sodium hyaluronate, and caffeine which promotes good microcirculation.

6. Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Skin Rejuvenation Cream, US $22, for 40 ml bottle. The highly successful company, Beiersdorf, is behind this product’s formulation and distribution. Its good reputation alone assures you that you’re getting a quality product for your eye skin. This inexpensive product contains hyaluronic acid, creatine and magnolia extract which re-energizes skin to keep the wheels of skin repair and regeneration turning.

7. Éminence Wild Plum Eye Cream, US$70 for 30 ml bottle. Made with a formulation that consists of green tea, shea butter, horse chestnut, coenzyme Q10 and wild plum juice, this product facilitates three functions required to keep your eye are youthful looking — protection, rejuvenation and regeneration. It is a great product to try if you suspect busted capilliaries are what’s causing your eye skin to bulge and darken.


Stop asking whether you need an eye cream or not — eventually, at some point, you will need it. It is a must alright, the caveat is that not every skin at every age will require one. Even if you did require an eye cream, keep in mind that these products are differently formulated and your homework is to choose your battles because you simply cannot have them all.

Kathy M