How Your Skin Tone Worsens With Age?

Your face is generally an indication of how old you really are. Yet, your genetics and lifestyle also play a role in how fast (or slow) your skin ages; your skin tone is highly affected by your skin care routine (or lack thereof), along with your lifestyle and overall health. Before anything else, you need to understand how aging affects your skin. Then, we will take a look at some options on how to address this issue and keep your skin youthful.

How Your Skin Tone Worsens With Age?

The Cause of Uneven Skin Tone

Having freckles or other hyperpigmentation issues is typically caused by sun damage. As a matter of fact, the amount of sun exposure a person got as a child is a major contributing factor for how that person’s skin looks today. An uneven skin tone or having hyperpigmentation problems is often the result of the overproduction of melanin (melanin gives the skin and hair their color); however, too much melanin production triggered by excessive sun exposure, scarring and/or hormonal issues directly lead to an uneven skin tone.

Sun damage occurs from repeated exposure to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, resulting in brown spots that appear because of too much melanin production (to help protect the skin from UV light). Hormones can cause hyperpigmentation as well; they stimulate melanin production in the skin, which is often experienced by pregnant women. Take note that certain cosmetic products, medication and contraceptives can also cause hormonal fluctuations that lead to uneven skin tone.

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Acne lesions or skin injury can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as well (darkening the skin). For these different hyperpigmentation problems, there are many treatment options, such as cosmetic procedures and the use of a skin brightening cream.

The Effect of Aging on Your Skin Tone

Aging generally worsens the appearance and texture of your skin. This is mostly because skin cell turnover slows down as a person gets older. The production of collagen, elastin and other vital skin components are also negatively affected, which makes the skin dull and inelastic and this also causes fine lines and other skin aging signs to become visible. Read on to learn how you can defend against the most common aging signs on the skin, including a dull skin tone.

What Can You Do About Skin Tone Problems?

If you are having problems with your skin tone, such as hyperpigmentation, there are several treatment options available. Choosing one depends on your budget and how fast you want visible results. There are several cosmetic procedures like skin bleaching that can lighten your skin after just one or a few sessions. These procedures are usually costly and they come with the risk of adverse effects that can cause the skin to lighten excessively, so you could end up with another skin tone problem.

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You can also use a skin lightening cream, but choosing one is not easy because there are several hundred products on the market. It is recommended to purchase a gentle formulation with only natural ingredients to ensure your safety and minimize risk of adverse effects. However, you should make sure the skin brightening cream you buy is effective as well; by following the product directions carefully, you can further reduce risk of side effects.

What Else Can You Do To Keep Your Skin Youthful?

Aside from addressing skin dullness and restoring the youthful radiance of your skin, you can also prevent and reverse the appearance of other aging signs on your skin, including fine lines and wrinkles. For this, it is recommended to use skin care products that use proven active ingredients. You can opt for cosmetic procedures as well, but they come with considerable risk of adverse effects and can even put your life in danger.

If your goal is to slow down skin aging as much as possible, you need to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. You can do this by using the power of antioxidants and applying sunscreen daily before you go out.

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There are different anti-aging products you can use to address specific aging problems. For instance, if you want to fight fine lines and wrinkles, you can use anti-wrinkle creams. There are formulations that utilize powerful peptides, such as those that work just like Botox injections, inhibiting muscle contractions on your face to instantly get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Some formulations also contain collagen-boosting ingredients to address one of the main causes of aging signs (the loss of collagen).

In a nutshell, skin aging happens to everyone, but you can slow down the process and even reverse already visible signs of aging on your skin. You just need to create a good skin care routine composed of the right products.

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