Are You A Yoga Teacher? How to Make Your Studio A Safe Space

When you’re a yoga teacher, there are many aspects that determine how much your students enjoy the class you teach. Although it’s important to be friendly and have clear instructions, your studio also needs to be comfortable and inviting. There are a few important ways to make your studio a safe space where your students can relax.

Are You A Yoga Teacher? How to Make Your Studio A Safe Space

Create a Neutral Setting

Create a neutral environment where your students can unwind and feel at ease. Stick to using neutral colors on the walls, which include white, sage, and beige. Keep in mind that less is more. Excess clutter or decor items will look distracting and can make it more challenging for your students to feel relaxed and focused. Maintain the space by cleaning it in-between classes, which includes sweeping the floors. There shouldn’t be any remnants of students that were previously using the space, making it necessary to toss any trash or waste that is left behind.

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Obtain Insurance

When you obtain insurance for your yoga studio, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re creating a safe environment for your students. Some companies, such as Yoga Alliance Professionals, know that whether a flood or natural disaster occurs, you can have the necessary repairs performed in a timely manner to avoid putting your customers at risk as they come in for each class.

Use the Right Light

Lighting plays a major role in setting the tone of your yoga studio. If you have fluorescent lights overhead, then your students will feel exposed, and their bodies will tighten up. Allow natural light to be present in the room, which will feel light and airy. You can also rely on dimmer lights to ensure the space is illuminated without feeling too bright. Hanging sheer curtains can also offer privacy while still allowing plenty of light to filter into the room.

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Incorporate Soothing Decor Items

Decorating your yoga studio can provide a comfortable environment to prevent it from feeling bland and uninviting. Add natural elements or neutral decals on the walls to add a touch of decor that isn’t loud or overwhelming. You can also add a few real plants in the room, which will fill in the bare spots of the space.

Creating a studio that is a safe space can allow your students to participate more and obtain the benefits they’re looking for as they practice yoga. You can also feel relaxed and comfortable teaching each class to ensure you provide better instruction and feel at ease.