Cannon Safe CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe

Cannon is a reputed brand making gun safes for a long time. They are recognized by the quality they deliver and how reliable their guns safe are. Cannon safe guns come with some unique features which you will not find in any other gun safe.

Cannon is in gun safe business for last 40 years served over a million customers world wide, they (Cannon Gun safe) are known for their outstanding delivery of each product they release in to market. Cannon has some unique policies and features to make your valuables more secure than ever.

I must agree with one unique feature you won’t find it it anywhere, Cannon guns safe does have some unique features (No even standard) which are quite impressive for an 40 year old company.

Cannon Safe CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe

Cannon Gun Safe Review

Cannon is is an established gun safe company since 1970, they have been in to gun safe business for a long time now and they know the gun safe customer needs to ensure they basic to advanced needs are fulfilled. Cannon guns safe are come at expensive price starting from $900 to $4000, which is the highest priced gun safe they have in their collection. The best they got is the lowest in the market when compared to other brands like Winchester, where Winchester highest priced gun safe cross $5000.

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Cannon guns safe was established in the year of 1970 to provide unique design and product to secure and protect private ammunition for customers. The cannon gun safe is in the business for a long time enough to realize what customers and clients are expecting from cannon guns safe.

The manufacturer has a huge list of customer requirements and they put each and everything fitted in to one box and turned it in to a safe which can protect and secure ammunition. The cannon safe gun has a wide range of products for different needs for those with larger ammunition and those with heavy ammunition. They have taken care of storage capacity that is adjustable and remarkably additional space can be made by using their technology.

The cannon gun safe are so confident on their product that they are offering life time warranty which covers not only replacement, free lockman, free service and free damage repair if any one caused (Burglar) caused any damages. Cannon gun safe will fix them for you.

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You can check with the manufacturers who are not offering lifetime warranty, Winchester is offering life time warranty but is occasionally. Winchester is also offering additional warranty if you are willing to pay around $200+ to get additional warranty on lock etc.

Best Cannon Gun Safe:

If this is the first time you have choose to buy one cannon safe gun for your guns then you must read to learn even more about gun safe. Right now we will review about Cannon Safe P40HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series to ensure the safety of the customer’s valuable guns.

Never purchased a gun safe before? Want to get one now? Then you should read the next part I’m about to mention. I will mention all the things you need to know about Cannon Safe CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe.

Cannon CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe:

The cannon CA23 Deluxe , the name is quite mouthful so let’s just call it “CA23 Deluxe Gun” lacks in only storage capacity which can store up to only 24 ammunition and guns. Which is a little lower compared to P40HR-H1TEC-13. But when it comes to fire resistance it can up to 1100+ degree fire for 60 minutes. which is enough for you buy some time and get your things later on.

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.Canon CA23 Deluxe Gun Safe is a mid range gun safe which is priced between $1500 to $2000 which is not expensive for the features the cannon is offering.