Bait That Darting Intruder – Feed It Cake!

Is a rat feeding off your kitchen supplies and making your home its own? It’s time to give it the Mortein rat cake treatment.

It happens in many homes – some with more regularity than others – and there’s never an easy solution. A mouse or rat enters the house through an open window, or a cavity in the wall. It soon finds a place to hide and scopes out the area for food and water. Once it identifies its escape route and a source of nourishment, it goes from being an intruder to unwelcome house guest.

Rats are notoriously difficult to spot, because they can squeeze into the tiniest spaces and lay in wait for hours. There might be a rat hiding under your refrigerator and you won’t even notice it! The only signs that betray a rat’s presence in the house, are rat droppings, some exposed food items that are nibbled, or a dark mass that you see darting out of sight from the corner of your eye.

Most people buy rat traps and bait them with food, but rodents are quick to circumvent them. Then you could try laying sticky pads on the floor, along the rat’s route of movement. While the sticky glue may trap the rat, disposing of the rat is a tricky business – and if the rat tries to escape, you will have glue all over your floor!

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Instead of hassling yourself because of your whiskered rodent guest that refuses to move out, just get a cake of Mortein Powergard Ratkill and wash your hands off the problem forever.

Why use Mortein Powergard Ratkill?

It has a potent formulation that kills most rats in just one feeding. Hardier rats might need a bit more cake, but the beauty of this product is that the rat almost always leaves your house to perish outside in peace. So you are not tasked with disposing of a decomposing rat body once it dies.

Here’s how to kill rats using Ratkill:

  • Start by cutting off all access to water. When poisoned, rats tend to drink a lot of water to flush out the poison in their bodies via vomiting or defecation. Drain all buckets and plant pots that may carry your water supplies, and don’t keep water bottles open.
  • Place the Ratkill cake in an area of the house that you are certain the rat frequents. You can place it at the point of entry into the house (through the kitchen window, or the bathroom, for instance) or in a less visible corner of the kitchen.
  • The rat will now start feeding on the cake. Normally, one cake is enough to finish it. But if you want to make sure that it dies, or if there are many rats in the house, then you can cut the cake into smaller pieces and place them at many different points in the house.
  • The rat now begins to suffocate and looks for fresh air and water. Thus, it scuttles out of the house. Normally, a grown rat may take about three to four days to die after eating the Ratkill cake.
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There – it’s so simple! You don’t need to fret any more about rat infestations, and the rats will permanently leave your home. But make sure to seal any gaps or holes in the walls through which other rats might crawl into your house. And if they do, there’s always Mortein Powergard Ratkill to send them packing!

Justin J