Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

When buying vacuum cleaners, different consumers are always informed by their different needs. There are multiple brands and models in the market with Shark vacuum cleaners being among those trusted by many buyers for a number of reasons. Shark vacuum reviews can reveal some of the reasons why the brand is trusted by many but it is also important to consider a number of things before making the purchase. There are several units best suited for cleaning hardwood floors and we have compiled a list based on consumer observations and tests we carried out with multiple units. These include: –

shark vacuum reviews

#1 Shark DuoClean

With this vacuum, you will be able to deal with different complex issues that many uprights are unable to deal with when cleaning hardwoods. The Shark Rocket DuoClean ranks highly in consumer shark vacuum reviews as it can pick debris scattered across the hardwood without scuffing or scattering it. The Shark DuoClean has a 600-watt motor and comes with two different types of brushes for cleaning different kinds of surfaces. The soft rolling brush is located on the front and this is perfect for hardwood floor cleaning without leaving any scratches.

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#2 Shark Rotator – NV650W

Not only is the Shark Rotator Lift-Away NV650W ideal for cleaning hardwood floors but it also does a perfect job on rugs, carpets, and tiles. It’s a gentle vacuum when it comes to hardwood floors thanks to the design and features included in its construction. It also has a powerful motor which easily lifts dirt from carpets and this is attested of by the different shark vacuum reviews we looked at. The bagless model has two-floor attachments which are different from each other with the Hard-Floor Genie being ideal for cleaning bare floors thanks to the soft cloth which not only protects the floor but also collects dirt. The design is such that you won’t scratch the floor during cleaning and you can enjoy efficient results.

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#3 Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The Professional Lift-Away Vacuum from Shark Clean is definitely reliable when it comes to hardwood floors. Though not designed specifically for cleaning hardwood surfaces, the unit has some great cleaning abilities no matter the kind of job you throw its way. The multipurpose unit allows you to lift away the canister by simply pressing a button and by doing so you can clean areas that are hard to reach. It is equipped with a Hard Floor Hero™ that easily picks stuck-on debris and surface litter thus offering you an efficient cleaning experience. It has a HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® which makes it safe for people with allergy problems.

These are our top picks from Shark for cleaning hardwood floors. The units can reach low enough thus picking the dirt that’s spread across the hardwood floors. Additionally, the come with the necessary accessories and features which make them best suited for this kind of surface without causing any damages. Each of these units come at different prices but are powerful enough to get any job done.

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