Common Procedures OF Oral Surgery And Treatment

Oral surgery comes in handy as advance therapy for dental diseases and disorders. Depending on the kind of dental problem as well as the severity of the symptoms, a dental surgeon would employ one out of the following common procedures of oral surgery to correct the problem.

Common Procedures OF Oral Surgery And Treatment

Removal of wisdom teeth

Average adult has 32 teeth with each of the upper and lower jaws containing 16 teeth. Typically, the the jaws hold up to 28 teeth before a person the teen age. Thereafter, the the third molars- that the remaining for molars start growing at two ends of both jaws. A jaw may be too small to accommodate more than 14 teeth. For that, when the third molars known as wisdom teeth start growing, it causes injuries and disorders such as shifting of other teeth, swelling, pain, infections and dental decay. The pain is usually unbearable. Hence, they have to be removed. Besides, the jaw is not big enough to accommodate more teeth. Moreso, wisdom teeth removal  procedure is performed to get rid of the growing molars.

Removal of Impacted

In some folks, a tooth or set of teeth would grow or appear from the gum haphazardly. This kind of irregular growth of teeth in the jaw is known as crowding. Crowding leads a couple more dental problems like infections. It may also damage the tissues found in the gum of the jaws. Considering that, it is a must to get rid of the impact tooth or set of teeth. Treatment for the condition  would take the form of removal of the impacted tooth or set of teeth.

Jaw surgery

This procedure is performed to correct irregular dentition or arrangement of teeth in the mouth. For jaws that don’t close properly or poor alignment of teeth, jaw surgery is performed to straighten the jaw and teeth. It helps fit the upper and lower jaws. It also enhances the function of teeth after the alignment is done.

Treatment of facial trauma

This is a kind of reconstruction procedure to correct facial deformity that result from dental problems. Dental surgeons who perform this kind of treatment aren’t just versed in oral surgery, they also have substantial knowledge required for proper and safe treatment of physical deformity of the face. Doctors who are trained in the oral treatment of facial trauma are referred to as maxillofacial dental surgeons.

Dental implants

Dental implant procedure is performed to restore missing tooth. It is the most effective of all tooth restoration or replacement procedure. An implant is fixed into the jaw to replace a lost tooth as good as gone. Implants are permanent compared to other teeth restoration procedures. They are made of titanium which is strong enough to last for a lifetime.

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