How To Prepare Emotionally For Bariatric Surgery

If you choose to undergo bariatric surgery to deal with your excess weight, a bariatric surgeon will take you through a physical exam so as to ensure that you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. However, there is more than physical health that is required for the surgery to be successful. A patient’s emotional success is also vital for successful bariatric treatment and the sustenance of the weight loss that will follow.  There are a few mental issues that you need to deal with in order to get prepared mentally for bariatric surgery:

How To Prepare Emotionally For Bariatric Surgery

Realistic expectations: The truth of the matter is that you are not going to wake up thin immediately after bariatric surgery in India; you may actually leave hospital weighing a little more as a result of accumulated fluids. It is good to remind yourself that bariatric surgery isn’t the magic bullet to treat excess weight but it’s only an internal tool in the name of a smaller stomach that will assist you in your weight loss journey. Weight loss will require time and effort from you and it will take you something close to six months for you to lose 50 percent of your excess weight; it’s a journey so don’t give up.

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Get support: If you are thinking about bariatric surgery you will need a lot of support; you want to talk to your primary care provider and as much as possible a close friend or a family member that will help you in setting up your long term goals. Get someone who can help you to keep track of your weight loss milestones so you can stay motivated. The business of undergoing bariatric surgery isn’t going to be a simple task for most people and, as a result, you need emotional support for you to take the baby steps.

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Deal with your food addiction: There are chances that your obesity is a result of food addiction and if this is the case, you need to deal with it before you undergo bariatric surgery in India; the small stomach you will get from bariatric treatment will not do away with your emotional needs that you meet by eating excessively. There are many people who use food as a way to relive stress but this is a short tern way of dealing with your problems and which creates bigger problems somewhere down the road.

Deal with addictions: People who are addicted to alcohol and tobacco will have a harder time dealing with weight loss whether they are undergoing bariatric surgery or using any other weight loss methods. Apart from being high in calories, alcohol also reduces your inhibitions so much so that you become easily susceptible to indulging in food. In addition to that, the effects of alcohol are felt faster after bariatric surgery.

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