Enjoy The Great Benefits Of Bargain Sale and Consolidate Your Business Portfolio

Simply put, a business entrepreneur possesses an old manufacturing unit, and that has been put on sale at $2 million for last 3 years. Despite being an abandoned setup, it needs security, property maintenance, electricity and so on. The owner is willing to sell it off at 1.5 million while its full and fair market value is worth of $2.5 million.

With 170 Exchange bargain sale, if it is sold to a charitable institute even at $1 million, the owner will get tax benefit over $1.5 million, i.e., the difference of full-and-fair market rate and what the charity company pays him. Thus, apart from an immediate cash gain, the value of tax credit is rather substantial. In fact, people have discarded commercial real estate these days prefer selling them on the basis of 170 exchanges because that benefits them in both ways.

Enjoy The Great Benefits Of Bargain Sale and Consolidate Your Business Portfolio

Hence, for those who own such commercial real estate properties and interested to sell off the same to a charitable establishment; just get in touch with the most efficient and extremely demanding commercial property brokerage company The Welfont Group having its corporate headquarter in Tampa, Florida. Backed by more than decade’s experience in the industry the mediator brokerage company specializing in the process of acquisition commercial properties that are found in distressed and underutilized state.

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Operational with a very skilled squad of expert property valuators, realty managers, market analysts, the community represents numerous reputed cash buyers for your abandoned commercial property to No-profit making companies and private sector enabling you receiving the maximum value of your property in addition to tax benefits.

No matter, whether you’re interested to sell a warehouse, an industrial setting, land or office area, the company can locate the best buyer for you from any corner of America. Have a look; how they help commercial property holders attain the benefits of Bargain Sale:

  1. The Welfont Group deals with investment for warehouses and industrial facilities with attention to details and meticulous phases of property transfer. It employs IRS agreed tax strategies such as IRS 170 Bargain Sale and help sellers enjoy maximum tax deductions throughout the year. No wonder, as this offers a great satisfaction related to philanthropy, as a business person, it becomes a great social work for you. This is possible only when you sell it to a nonprofit group.
  1. Well, you’re owner of a land and intended to sell it off. No issues; the Welfont folks will make the things done, followed by their necessary investigation process. They can either go for direct acquisition or will get a buyer for you helping you optimize your ROI. In land acquisition endeavors, the record of the company can simply make you amazed.
  1. Many times, while in fast developing phase, business enterprises often sell off their cramped spaced commercial building and go for a bigger well-communicated one. If you’re one of those planning to liquate your existing office space, commercial area or even outdated equipments, the group can help you go through a money making process up to your satisfaction. Just think! What can be a better option than this, while you’re earning cash, enjoying tax benefits and also, meet the gratification of giving back to the society benefiting your nation!!