Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody

There are various of ways through which you can get a child’s custody, it depends on the originated situation due to which the child had to go through this scenario. One of the most common situation is where parents are getting divorced or filing in for separation.

Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody

There are some other cases also where the custody of a child is taken into consideration such as involvement of cousins and grandparents in the lives of children.

Here I’m going to discuss some of the most common factors about child custody that a parent should know. The rules, regulations and all the other factors which comes with a child custody case :-

Child custody responsibility & consideration

There are two types of child responsibilities that are awarded by the court. One is shared parent responsibility and the other is sole parent responsibility.

In shared parent responsibility, court gives the authority to both parents that allows them to take the decision on behalf of the child concerning to his/her health, education, welfare, living standard, etc. the decision must also be a common agreement between the two.  

When both the parent unable to stand on a mutual ground then the court takes the responsibility of giving child authority to one of them. It includes everything such as health, education, religion, medical expense etc. till he/she reaches the legal age of maturity.

The court makes a complete arrangement on how it will be carried by the parent. Including the time factor and financial concerns.

Management & custody aspects

Court allocates the child in a primary house where he/she has to live with the one who is handed over with the responsibility of taking care of the child. The other one will be allowed to make a visit and spend some time with the kid.

The court may allow both the parents to spend equal time with the kid. In this case the child will stay with both of them in a rotating shift. 

In these cases, court notices several things before coming to any conclusion. The court will conduct a research on both the parents, whether they are able to take care of the child properly or not. The judgment then takes place on the basis of factors such as physically, mentally, financially etc.

Temporary child custody

There is a law under which one can get the child custody for a limited amount of time or you can say temporarily. As per the law, the one who is filing for a temporary child custody petition must be in blood relations with the kid. Such as grandparent, cousin or uncle-aunt. It is basically given to the extended family members, they can even be your third cousin by blood.

Court looks out for the following things when receives the petition, if the temporary parent is capable of enrolling the kid into school, whether they have the capability to provide medical care in case of emergency and all the other basic needs of a child.

Unmarried parent custody petition

In these cases, court needs an established paternity before coming to a conclusion on visitation or time allocation. The best way is to get a hospital certificate as a proof for the same. The father can also prove eligibility to the court by conducting a DNA test, once it gets approved in the court, he will acquire a legal right to visit and meet the child as per the court’s instruction.


These are a few crucial rules of the court that one must keep in their mind, whenever going through with one of these situations. If you are filing for a custody in Palm Beach then the rules & regulations are advantageous to know. Go through every aspect before you take a decision as some verbal talks can also cause a big loss inside the court.

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