Hello There: Is Your Home’s Entryway Making a Good First Impression?

The entryway to your home speaks volumes about how you view the world and choose to welcome your guests. When you first moved in, you likely put some effort into sprucing this part of your house up. Yet, it tends to get overlooked after that, especially when you are busy going in and out the door. Taking a moment to view the entry way as a guest does helps you see if you may need to make the following changes.

Clear Out the Cobwebs

Stand in front of your entry way door and peer upwards for just a moment. You might notice that there are cobwebs located around the corners on both sides of the front door. Take a long-handled duster and sweep those unsightly webs away. Then, wipe down the walls and any other areas that have somehow accumulated fingerprints, scuff marks, or dirt.

Replace Worn Out Doors

The front door is one of the first things people look for when they arrive at your house. Over time, doors fade and get scratches that give off the impression that you aren’t concerned about your home’s upkeep. Entry doors today are made from durable materials that have the same look and feel as wood but can stand up to the elements. Putting in a new door with a window feature or a bold color makes a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Add an Entry Table or Shelf

The entryway is an area of the home where your family may immediately begin shedding the burdens of their day. While it is good to be home, this can lead to some serious clutter. Adding an entry table or shelf gives everyone somewhere to store their keys, sunglasses, and backpacks. You may also want to add a shoe rack to keep them from piling up right by the front door.

Add Artwork

Your home’s foyer should be beautiful as well as functional. Look for art to hang in your entryway that gives guests an idea of your home’s style. You don’t necessarily have to look for something expensive. Simply find something that fits your home’s other decor and that is inviting to guests. This could even be an opportunity to exercise your creative side. You could create a piece of artwork yourself. This type of unique statement becomes a conversation piece that can help break the ice when visitors come in. 

Add Greenery and Florals

As the final touch, you’ll want to add a little life to the entryway. You might set a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant on the entryway table, or you could hang a beautiful wreath on the door. Taking a moment to brighten up the space lets people know that you care about making a good first impression.

The best thing about entry ways is that they are fairly small, which makes them easy to fix up. Creating a strong focal point with a beautiful door and some fresh flowers has a dramatic impact upon making your visitors feel welcome. Once you’ve got the entry way back in order, remember to give it a good look during the changing seasons to see if it’s time to add a new wreath or other fun pieces of decor.