How Ford Ranger Snorkel Heightens Your Cars Performance

Some auto accessories befit a particular type of driving lover. Like for example, an off-road-oriented car driver ought to fall in love with a snorkel. It is perhaps an irreplaceable arsenal gadget for four-wheeler driven on rough and rugged terrains, off-road, etc.

How Ford Ranger Snorkel Heightens Your Cars Performance

One of the basic requirements of engines is cool and fresh air to offer optimum performance. When you go through dusty driveways or deep-water crossings, the air-intake designed below the bonnet of your car fails to offer a sufficient supply of fresh air to the engine. However, the elevated design of a snorkel facing upfront or forward takes in the fresh air and filters it down to the engine. So, if you are going to drive your Ford Ranger to the next adventure trip, do not forget to get a Ford Ranger snorkel. But if you have not planned to get one fitted to your car, then here are some reasons why you should consider and prepare for a snorkel at once. 

Buying Ford Ranger Snorkel: Here Is What You Need To Know About It

Clog Free Engine  

Think of your breathing and consider the role of excessive dust particles. It is difficult to get fresh air, which is what happens to your car engine while you drive in dusty areas or water bedded terrains. Now, automobile engines are designed to use fuel and oxygen in the air to process combustion, dusty air and limit the supply of sufficient air to the engine leading to poor performance. Well, driving a voguish four-wheeler like Ford Ranger, you do not want to make its engine go through that kind of stress. So, a Ford Ranger snorkel saves the trouble with its elevated air-intake duct design gushing in clean air. 


Whether you are busted with difficult and dust-filled roads or rain or snowfall, you do not want to get yourself into trouble with a stopped engine in the middle of the road. A snorkel allows your engine to fetch clean air even in difficult weather conditions or road conditions, thereby your cars functional safety.


  • Incessant flow of cool and fresh air to your car’s engine, thereby keeping up its performance scale. 
  • Installing a snorkel at roof height ensures a continuous supply of fresh air whether you pass through water or muddy terrain thus supplying air for combustion and keeps up the fuel efficiency. 
  • While the inner guard of an automobile accumulated dust and dirt particles ruining engine performance, a snorkel saved the neck of the inner guard. 
  • Low dust accumulation in the air intake duct keeps up the performance of your car’s air conditioning system as well. 

Snorkel Design 

There are two types of design for snorkels. One of ram-type with front-facing snorkel air intake duct where air gushes through the duct forcefully as the car drives. In this car, forceful air rammer into the car, offering a lot of fresh and cool air. However, in the other type of the snorkel is faced backward. This is perhaps most effective for cars that need to be driven in extremely dusty areas or regions with heavy tropical rains or snow. Therefore, when you consider installing a Ford Ranger snorkel, consider which type of snorkel would be most useful for your purpose as per your driving trends. 

Final Thoughts

The market might be flooded with snorkels, but when you own a Ford Ranger, it is ideal to purchase a Ford Ranger snorkel that helps your car get a snug fit of the gadget. But be aware of frauds, for there are poor quality duplicates as well in the market. So, check with your Ford Ranger service point for a quality snorkel or ask for references from reputed snorkel dealers.