How to Know If You Have A Legal Case For Your Injury

It’s easy to believe that just because you were injured at work or during an accident that you have a case for a lawsuit. That isn’t always the case. Here are a few factors that can help you determine whether or not you have a legal case for your injury.

How to Know If You Have A Legal Case For Your Injury

Establishing Liability

One of the first factors that need to be considered is who’s liable if anyone. Consider a car accident, for example. A truck driver hit a car. Who’s at fault? Was it the truck driver who didn’t look before crossing into the other lane? Or was it the car driver who may have been speeding in an attempt to get past the truck? A personal injury attorney helps determine the liability of a case. If you’re not at fault, then your chances of a successful injury legal case improve.

Can You Prove the Case?

The next step is to determine whether or not there’s proof of a case. You may know who’s responsible because you were there. However, without any other proof, your claims won’t hold up well in court. Unfortunately, there are several people every day that try to pull the wool over a judge’s eyes with false claims. That’s why proof is necessary. Without it, you don’t have a legal case for an injury.

Consider the Expenses of the Lawsuit

Not all lawyers will consider this factor. Some just want to get paid and be done with the case. However, this is a factor that you need to consider. Will the expenses of the lawsuit ultimately outweigh any kind of justice that you receive? If you end up with a $10,000 settlement but legal costs end up being $15,000, was it really worth it in the end? Or you may find that the settlement won’t even cover your medical expenses. You don’t want to add legal costs on top of it. Understanding if it’s even worth it to go after a lawsuit can help you determine whether or not the case is worth pursuing.

How Long Since the Injury Was Received

Like all things, there’s also a statute of limitations that needs to be considered. You have a set amount of time in which you can file a lawsuit for an injury. If you miss that deadline, then you don’t have a legal case for it. A lawyer can help ensure you meet your deadlines.

Figuring out if you have a legal case for an injury is difficult. Using an attorney can make it easier. Call one near you today to get advice and help.