How to Know Which Kind Of Roof Would Be Best For Your Home

Review the Different Materials

Asphalt shingles are fairly common and found on most home roofs. They are long lasting but not indestructible with a lifespan that averages 30 years or longer. Shingles are easy to install and replace when needed. Metal roofs mainly reflect heat from the sun instead of absorbing it and reduces the cost of your home’s air conditioning.

Clay roof tiles are long-lasting materials that are highly damage resistant in all types of extreme weather conditions. Similarly, slate tiles are resistant to moisture and the damages caused by freezing. Solar shingles use sunlight to produce solar energy for your home and reduce your energy bills. It’s beneficial to environmentally conscious roof owners who want their roofs to be as efficient as possible.

How to Know Which Kind Of Roof Would Be Best For Your Home

Know the Different Designs

Many people do not know about the different roof designs. Most residential roofs are slanted and pointed on top. The gabled roof style is pointed at the top with two slanted sides. The hip roof has four slanted sides. The flat roof is totally leveled on top, but this is not recommended for most homes due to the accumulation of rainwater. A similar design is a butterfly roof that curves inward instead of slanting downward. There are also combination roofs that include two or more styles together.

Look in Different Neighborhoods

The best roof for your home usually depends on the most common designs that you see on other people’s homes. Browse through one neighborhood after another to find the most common roofing styles and materials. A popular roofing style proves that it is guaranteed to be durable and efficient.

Consider Your Personal Tastes

Most homeowners take the standard roofs that are prebuilt into the homes they buy. They never consider the unique, innovative styles of roofs that adorn people’s homes. They also never consider that these unique roofs can be both stylish and affordable. After reviewing the many different roofing designs there are, decide which type suits your personal interests.

Be in total control of your home by choosing the roof that works best for your home. Work within your limits but also broaden your options as far as they can go. Consider cost and durability along with style and personal tastes. The cost is the least important factor to consider in your search. Know the qualities that you need in a roof, and choose the type that best matches your needs.