How To Lay Pavers For Your Garden

Pavers can be an attractive addition to your garden, helping you divide horizontal space and providing viewers with a natural pathway to walk to enjoy the rest of what your garden has to offer. The sheer variety available in pavers means that you can create just about any effect you want, whether you want to establish smaller pathways or entire patio areas to enjoy. If it is your first time installing pavers, however, it can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

How To Lay Pavers For Your Garden

Outlining the Installation Area

The process of pavers installation is not as difficult as it may seem, but it is important to take your time and plan each step carefully. The first step is to mark out the area where you will be installing your patio. Use stakes and string to outline the shape of your patio, then use a shovel to mark out the individual pavers by digging small trenches.

Dig the Trenches for the Pavers

Once the area is marked off, you can start digging the trenches for the pavers. Be sure to dig down deep enough so that the pavers will be level with the surrounding ground. If you are installing a patio with curves, be sure to curve the trenches accordingly. Once the trenches are dug, you can start placing the pavers in them. If it is necessary, use a rubber mallet to carefully tap the pavers into place.

Add Mortar

Depending on how you are arranging the rest of the pavers, it can be a good idea to add mortar between the pavers in order to keep them together and structurally sound. If you plan on keeping your pavers separate to create an overgrown look with your surrounding lawn, then it is not as necessary to add mortar. Regardless of using mortar, make sure that everything is neat and level.

Fill Gaps and Clean Up

Once all of the pavers are in place, fill in any gaps between them with sand or gravel. Finally, use a broom or leaf blower to clear away any excess dirt and debris from your patio. It is around this time that you should sow seeds for vegetation if you are planning on having grass or flowers around your pavers.

Before getting started on the project, it can be a good idea to look over various dedicated locations to get inspiration for your future arrangement. There are many unique ways you can use pavers to add new life to your garden.