Add An Extra Value To Your Property

What is the point of having a glorious garden or a spacious yard, if you cannot sit back and sip some tea or read a book? As Australians we are blessed with a clean environment, suitable climate and a breathtaking atmosphere. With such gifts, it would be a sin if one does not make use of it. If you take a walk around your neighbourhood, you will notice that many houses have attached various garden features. This is not only to catch up to the trend, but mainly because they are genuinely satisfied with the advantages it offers and increasing the overall value of your property. Adding an outdoor lounge to these features can also offer you relaxation but not all houses are suitable for such attachment and not all attachments are the same. In order to make the right decision, one must be first aware of the availability of choices in the market. Only then should you decide what type suits you the most, by assessing its qualities and your requirements.


 Add An Extra Value To Your Property

If you are looking for something simple yet elegant, then this must be your choice. Pergolas are constructed with roof beams without an attachment of a roof or a wall. Though this may look like an unfinished structure, it is the beauty of the entire concept. This would be ideal for an individual with limited garden space since pergolas are small-structured architectures that still manage to look majestic. If you are gardening enthusiast, you can extend your habits to this feature as well. For instance, the vertical beams can be draped with beautiful vines and pot plants to enhance the overall attractiveness of your garden.

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Patios are attachments that are created outside the house, especially in the yard, for recreational purposes. This is an excellent spot to relax at the end of a long, tiring, day. You need not worry about the weather since patios are covered with durable roofs/covers that will withstand any type of extreme climatic conditions. Regardless of the time you spent outdoors, you will not be subjected to sunburns, rashes or allergies, since you will be under the shade through the patio blinds. Even when it rains with a terrible storm, a well installed patio will allow you to enjoy the rain without getting wet or sick. This way, you can ensure that you can have an enjoyable time outdoor regardless of the unpredictability of the weather.

 Add An Extra Value To Your Property


A portico is a covered entrance of a building. Though it was initially created to protect guests from rain and the sun, it is currently considered as more of a decorative element. It is different to a porch since the latter is considered to be an outdoor living area while the former is more of a decorative element rather than an entertainment spot. These are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. Preferences can vary according to budget, size of the house and taste in outdoor facilities. Though these will not be a great spot to hang out or to entertain guests, as an outdoor attachment, a portico can and will definitely increase the overall value of your home by a few thousand dollars.

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 Add An Extra Value To Your Property


If you are thinking of incorporating a garden space to host BBQ parties and private family functions, this is the ideal option. It offers more than enough additional space to host a party. Decks are the most suitable garden feature in many ways. Firstly, they increase the aesthetic appeal of the house. Having a well-furnished deck can increase the overall beauty of your home to a significant degree. Customizing the wood of the deck to compliment the color of your shutters or blinds will further enhance the attractiveness. This structure is also very easy to build. The project requires very little manpower. So, you need not look for the best builder in Australia, since anyone with good carpentering skills can get the job done. Furthermore, when compared to other garden or outdoor features, decks are an inexpensive investment as well.

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When choosing among these options, you will have to consider your garden space, affordability, outdoor requirements, number of people in the family and the climate condition of the city you live. Assessing these factors will enable you to make the most suitable decision without turning this investment into a liability.

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