How To Sanitize Your Office During Cold and Flu Season

Failing to properly clean and sanitize your office can significantly increase instances of employee illness. This has never been more important to modern businesses until this year. Whether your office is vacated with employees working from home or you’re on the front lines assisting others, you need to make sure that it stays sanitary.

From promoting good personal hygiene among your staff, to hiring a professional cleaning service, there are plenty of ways to maintain a cleaner, safer and healthier office throughout the cold and flu season. Taking steps to limit the spread of disease within the workplace is an important responsibility that business owners would do well to take seriously.

How To Sanitize Your Office During Cold and Flu Season

Promote Good Hygiene Habits

Limiting the spread of cold and flu-like illnesses begins with effective personal hygiene. A well-stocked employee bathroom, frequent hand washing and easy access to hand sanitizer and similar products can make a substantial difference. Employers who make it more difficult for their staff to practice good hygiene habits could be making a big mistake, one that could end up costing them far more than they realize due to lost work hours and paid sick leave.

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Clean Workspaces

Another effective way to limit the spread of disease is to ensure that all computer terminals, cubicles and other workspaces are cleaned thoroughly and often. Not all cleaning agents and products may be effective at killing germs. You want to make sure that you use products that will kill bacteria like isopropyl alcohol 100 to sanitize office computers, keyboards, and other items that workers come into frequent contact with. These measures in today’s public health climate are essential for ensuring effective prevention. Cleaning the office even if people are working from home is a way to make sure it doesn’t harvest bacteria while you are gone.

Meeting Rooms, Break Areas and Communal Spaces

Work stations aren’t the only area of the office that may need to be sanitized. High-traffic areas and environments where workers and staff spend a lot of time will also need to be cleaned as often as possible. Sanitizing tables, counters and other surfaces as well as door knobs, security pads and even telephones can make a real difference.

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Cleaning Services

Many businesses lack the staff and other resources that may be needed in order to ensure adequate cleaning and effective sanitation. Contracting with a third-party service provider can often provide an ideal solution, one that makes it easier to prevent the spread of germs and illness without requiring burdening your staff with added chores and additional responsibilities. From deep-cleaning following the outbreak of a cold or flu within the office to weekly visits or daily cleaning services, there are options to fit a variety of needs and budgets.

Providing your workforce with a clean and sanitary office or workspace environment is not a concern that should be taken lightly. Basic hygiene and routine cleaning and sanitation can go a long way towards halting the spread of germs and illness. Sanitizing the office helps to ensure your workers and staff are able to remain health, safe and productive.