The Most Valuable Parts Of A Scrap Car

If your car has reached the end of the road and is no longer drivable, it will likely end up in a junkyard. The good news is that junkyards help the environment by re-using and recycling as many parts of the vehicles they take in as possible.

Before the last pieces of a junk car are recycled, many of the parts are pulled off so they can be used on other vehicles. This might cause you to wonder which of these parts are most valuable. To provide insight into the junk car industry and which parts of your car you can salvage, here is a guide to some of the most valuable parts of a scrap car.

The Most Valuable Parts Of A Scrap Car

Wheels & Tires

As long as the tires aren’t bald or flat and the wheels aren’t beat up, these parts are quite valuable. This is because these parts aren’t just limited to one make and model of vehicle.

As long as the sizes match, wheels and tires can be used on just about any vehicle. Of course, high-end rims and tires command an even greater premium, as these are often sought after by people who enjoy customizing their vehicles.


Due to their large size, new seats are quite expensive to obtain from the factory. That’s why seats from a junk car are quite valuable. Especially if the seats are a neutral color that is commonly found in other vehicles, the seats are easy to distribute to other buyers. The most desirable seats are those whose upholstery isn’t faded or stained as well as those that come from a smoke-free car.

Air Conditioner

If you’ve ever had to replace the air conditioner in your car, then you can understand why this part can bring plenty of money for junk cars. People who are able to fix their own vehicles can purchase these used parts and install them themselves, saving a lot of money in the process. Given the somewhat delicate nature of air conditioners, these parts must be thoroughly tested before they are sold to a customer.

Windshield Wipers

Of all the parts on a vehicle, you may not think of the windshield wipers as especially valuable. The value of windshield wipers, though, is that they fit a wide variety of vehicles no matter what size the wipers are.

This means they are easy to sell, a quality that adds value for junkyards. Heavy-duty wiper blades are especially desirable as long as the junkyard is located somewhere that experiences heavy snow during the winter.

All About the Buyer

Just about any part of a scrap car can be valuable to the right buyer. If someone is trying to fix a car, especially if it’s older, a specific part from a scrap car can make a world of difference. When old parts are used, it’s a win for the environment, the junkyard, and the individual buying the part, which is why junkyards continue to be such a necessity.