How to Tell if You Can Take Action Against Telemarketing Abuse

Calls from unknown numbers during the day can become annoying and disrupt your work. It is even more frustrating when the calls seem to be telemarketing abuse. Luckily, you can take legal action against this type of abuse. The following are ways to tell if you have been a victim of telemarketing abuse and what you can do to take action against these unwanted calls.

How to Tell if You Can Take Action Against Telemarketing Abuse

Calls Are Frequent

If you receive a single spam or telemarketing call, there’s not much you can do except ignore it. However, if calls from the same number are frequent, then you can take action. If you keep receiving calls that use predictive text, you definitely have a case on your hands. These types of calls are illegal. You can first ask them to take you off their call list. If this doesn’t work and you continue getting frequent or robo calls, reach out to a lawyer, like Heidarpour Law Firm. They will contact the number that keeps calling you to get their attention. 

Calls Are Late at Night or Early in the Morning

Telemarketers are prohibited by law from calling you before 8 AM and after 9 PM. If you are receiving calls during those prohibited hours, you have the right to take legal action. You can alert the FCC yourself and they will do what is necessary to stop the telemarketers. You can also reach out to a lawyer to handle that task for you and work with the FCC themselves. 

Your Privacy Is Invaded

If you ever feel that your privacy has been violated by telemarketing calls or texts, you can take action. Always understand you aren’t obligated to answer any questions telemarketers may ask you as well. You are never obligated to answer the calls in the first place and don’t need to give the telemarketers any attention. 

You Receive Unsolicited Texts

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects you from unsolicited texts and calls. It is unlawful for companies to break this policy. If you have received a text from a number you never subscribed to, you can reach out to a lawyer to track the number down. They will take care of the problem so you don’t receive those texts again. 

In many instances you don’t have to just live with getting unwanted calls and texts over and over. Understand your rights as a consumer and take legal action if needed. You have the right to privacy and peace. 

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