Learn The Art Of Working From Home As A Professional Resume Writer

DescriptionThere are a number of companies that offer resume writing jobs but it is always considered beneficial to start with ones very own resume writing company for making a steady income in this field.

Text: Do you have good skills in putting up effective and impressive resumes? If you have this quality them it is quite evident that you might be taking pride in your resume and you might also have family members and friends coming up to you for resume writing help. You might not be aware of the fact but writing a resume is a beneficial skill and there are different methods of working from home as a professional resume writer. If you are looking for resume writing jobs then the best thing that you can do is try working from home. You also have the option of going to work for a resume writing company which makes use of freelancers for creating resumes for its clients. In addition to that you can also think of starting your very own resume writing company. There are a number of resources that you can use for acquiring the certification and the skills needed for starting to serve as a resume writer. Here we will have a look at these resources; at the companies that hire the services of freelance resume writers and the tips that you need to follow in starting your very own resume writing company.

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Learn The Art Of Working From Home As A Professional Resume Writer

Certification and Training to Serve as a Professional Resume Writer

Proper certification is not necessary for you if you are looking for freelance resume writing jobs. There are many people who easily get resume writing jobs from home by way of their impressive portfolios, referrals or word of mouth and smart marketing. However, getting specialized training and certification certainly does not hamper if you are not under budget constraints. It is to be noted that most companies that look forward to hiring the services of freelance resume writers generally look for the writers with proper training and certification. This means that as a freelance resume writer, you increase your chances of getting hired if you possess proper certification and training. The three most important resources that can be used for getting certified or trained as a freelance resume writer are as follows:

  • Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)
  • Career Directors International
  • The National Resume Writer’s Association

Companies that Provide Resume Writing Jobs

There are many companies that offer resume writing jobs with one of the most popular being essay-writing-jobs.com. Here, we will have a look at the other well-known companies:


This company always has its application page up on its website for the freelance resume writers. The job of a freelance resume writer is quite flexible at this company because writers get the opportunity of working as little or as much as they want. The writers are not offered set quotas for the amount of work that they need to do. Flat rates are paid per assignment. Writers need to prove their skills when they apply for the job of a freelance writer at this company.

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RiseSmart is another popular company which is into regular hiring of freelance resume writers. Dissimilar to ResumeEdge, writers do not have a flexible work schedule here. The company always wants to know the committed work schedule of the writers hired for freelance resume writing services. Writers are paid on an hourly basis while fixed rates are offered only after a writer completes a specific amount of time working for the company.

Talent, Inc.

Yet another popular company engaged in hiring freelance resume writers is Talent, Inc which was formerly called RezBiz. The company always has openings for all those writers who like working from home. Writers are generally paid $20 for the resumes they complete along with additional payments for extra services offered to the clients. Payments to the writers are made on a monthly basis for the assignments they complete successfully.

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Starting a Resume Writing Company of Your Own

Starting as the owner of a resume writing company might not serve as a lucrative option initially. This is because, any business takes a considerable amount of time to set up properly and build the client bases that gives proper earnings to the business. However, after some time, there are good potentials of earning a good amount of money by being the owner of a resume writing company rather than working in the form of a freelance resume writer for some other company.

Thus, working from home as a resume writer is always a good career choice provided you give in the time needed for achieving great success in this field.

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