Questions To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Funeral Home

Today, families have many options in terms of funeral homes. Since you want to have a compassionate and quality experience, you should know certain things about the various firms you may be considering. While price is certainly a factor, there are other elements involved in selecting a funeral parlor if you wish to receive a fitting, meaningful and memorable ceremony in honor of your departed. The funeral homes of Alsip, IL offer a variety of tribute options, as do establishments across the country.

Questions To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Funeral Home

One of the questions you should ask the funeral director is if the company is locally owned. Family owned funeral homes are independent enterprises that enjoy a personal relationship with the community and are actively invested in its affairs. They are aware of its needs because they are members of it. Many of the families that own and operate a funeral home have been in the funeral care industry for over a century. Family owned funeral providers often work hard to offer the highest quality service and products, and are committed to building and maintaining customer trust. They tend to have greater flexibility, unique ways to commemorate your loved one and more affordable price points. Large corporations are publicly traded on the stock market which makes them responsible for producing increasing profits for their stockholders.

You should also want to know if the funeral home is a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. Choice establishments are invited into this trade association only upon meeting stringent selection guidelines. They are closely screened for their dedication to quality, range of choices, affordability and a standard for excellence. Each member is privately owned, so they are more likely to prioritize your needs. They greatly value their reputations and have received positive reviews from the families and individuals they serve.

You should also find out if you are able to personalize the funeral to meet special wishes. Perhaps you follow a particular religion, custom or tradition. Your funeral provider should respect these aspects required in the service and accommodate your preferences. Your comfort level with the funeral director will be largely dependent on whether or not he or she is committed to accomplishing your vision for the tribute of your loved one.

You should also inquire as to the types of services you will get if there is life insurance or if pre-arrangements were made. If you decided to pre-pay your final arrangements, many funeral directors will guarantee their prices. If your prices were not locked in, your family may be forced to pay the difference.

You should also ask about the types of package deals that the funeral home offers. When comparing funeral homes, be sure to compare like for like services and packages. While many funeral homes offer packages, you can always buy items a la carte. You are not mandated to purchase package deals with unwanted products.

By law, you should always receive a General Price List (GPL) from any funeral home that you visit along with a list of services provided. You should also get a copy of the price list for caskets, cremation urns and other end-of-life products if they are not written in the GPL. Ask the funeral director for a written memorandum of the charges if you come to an agreement or purchase funeral goods or services.

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