Restoring Vehicles With Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair works to restore vehicles that are in need of reparation. Given the current tough economic times, many have turned to auto body repair for gainful employment. Not only has this helped them earn a living, it has also restored the confidence of most people in what they can do with their lives. Additionally, many former drug addicts and substance abusers have been accepted into society after going through vocational training in auto body repair works while helping them to fight their addiction and substance abuse problem. As a result of such programs, they are able to fend for themselves and toss their bad old habits. This has put them on the path to becoming upright, model individuals who are respected in society.

For those whose vehicles have been involved in accidents and car crashes, how can these vehicles be restored back to functionality? You can depend on a reputable auto body repair shop to restore your vehicle to original condition and complete satisfaction. A trustworthy auto repair shop will give you complete peace of mind that your vehicle is being handled by the best in the industry.

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Restoring Vehicles With Auto Body Repair

  1. Estimating Services

To estimate the damage to your car, state-of-the-art computer software are employed in detecting each and every part of your car that could be damaged. Once the damage has been found, technicians can completely disassemble and thoroughly check for any other damage that may not have been visible in the earlier assessment. This can be reported to the insurance company to ensure that it is also covered and repaired. If it is suspected that there could be structural or frame damage, a laser body scanner can be used to determine further damages.

  1. Repair Process

This involves replacing each and every part of the car that is damaged with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or using certified alternative parts. If non-certified or parts not approved by the manufacturer are used, there could be further issues with your car moving forward. In the event that the car gets involved in a subsequent accident, the crash cold prove fatal as the car will be experiencing structural weaknesses.

  1. Refinishing Process

Here, only the best quality products should be put to use. Primer surfacers applied to the previously damaged area should be of the best quality. Color match should also be flawless by including shading tips for customized color jobs. Computer systems should be used to get the perfect match.

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Once a perfect color match is achieved, the vehicle’s surface should be sanded, masked and cleaned before the paint is expertly applied. Epoxy prime coats, matching base color coats and clear-coats should ensure that the body repairs done are completely invisible.

  1. Finishing Touches

A professional will ensure that the vehicle looks as if it was never involved in an accident or that it had not previously been subjected to any form of damages. Quality control should be the hallmark of this stage if the repair work. All the work done should also be delivered on time.

  1. Out the Door

By this stage, everything promised has been done and the vehicle has been restored to working condition looking as if no damages ever occurred to it. Better yet, you should also be on your way with all the necessary paperwork and they should already be filed by your insurance company.

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Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto body repair Columbia MO has to offer.

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