Second Chances: What A Legal Expert Can Do About Your Criminal Record

An old criminal record, even a minor offense can prevent you from doing many things in your life. It can keep you from owning a car, getting a good job, having a normal family life, and more.

A criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. But it doesn’t have to. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you to get the charge reduced or dropped, so the record doesn’t affect other aspects of your life.

Even an old charge that is dropped, or one where you were found not guilty at trial doesn’t mean that the criminal charge has been removed from your record. In some cases, it is deleted after several years, but that can take a long time. There’s also the option of getting an early expunction or removal of a charge, but you will certainly need the help of a criminal defense lawyer for this process.

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To keep a criminal record from negatively impacting other aspects of your life, you must do everything you can to minimize the criminal prosecution by getting a criminal record expungement. Otherwise, an unresolved criminal record can have negative consequences for many years.

Second Chances: What A Legal Expert Can Do About Your Criminal Record

A criminal record can affect a multitude of aspects of your life.


Even one charge on a criminal record can affect you even if there is no conviction. It can harm your ability to get a quality job. Employers now have a legal right to check criminal records through their standard background checks. They may decide not to hire you if there are minor offenses on your record. In order to prove to potential employers that you are trustworthy, you must prevent your criminal record from damaging your career plans.

Child Custody

If you have a record, you may not have rights regarding your children, especially if you have been charged for domestic abuse. Even a misdemeanor can cause you to lose rights to custody. If you are divorced and have a criminal record, the court will almost certainly favor your spouse when it comes to making decisions involving children.

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In some states, you can’t adopt a child if you have a criminal record of any type, especially when it relates to alcohol or family. Seek legal help so that you can determine whether or not future adoption opportunities will be available to you.


If you have a criminal record, you could lose your right to drive. Other states make you take special courses to retain your license.

The above aspects are just a few of the ways a criminal record can hinder you. However, you don’t have to let a criminal record control your life. You can minimize or expunge old charges from your record by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you eliminate them from your background. Seeking legal assistance will allow you to get your life back on track.