The Pros and Cons Of Working In A High-Rise

You’re probably wondering what the big deal is about working in a high-rise office. Well, it’s not just a problem of having more office space. It’s also about having more people working in the same area. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of working in a high-rise.

The Pros and Cons Of Working In A High-Rise


Great View

Being so high up in the air and depending on where exactly your office is, a high-rise can provide excellent views of your city’s skyline and an interesting perspective on the ground below. You’ll be able to look out on the city any time of the day or night and see a moving city below you and a changing sky above you. Also, depending on how you’re skyline changes during your time in that office, you get a front-row seat to seeing your city adapt and change over time.


If you work in a high-rise, one like 26 Journal Square, you can enjoy all that a tower with a lot of businesses both big and small can offer. There is a high chance there will be something for public use such as a gym, convenience store, or restaurant nearby for you to take advantage of, and since you work in the same building there’s a chance you could take advantage of a discount. You might not use all of these things every day, but they are there if you need them.

Close Community

Working in a high-rise with a lot of offices to accommodate, you’re going to have to maximize the space you have. This means bull-pen office cubicles, which provide your employees with a chance to get to know one another over the workday and grow as a team.

You’re also working in a building that contains other people, all of them working somewhere. There’s a high chance you’re going to see them every day, and naturally different relationships will come from that. Your entire building can become a community of people you see and talk to every day.

Disadvantages of Working in a High-Rise

Time Consuming

If you work in a high-rise, you will have to spend your whole day going up and down the stairs. Not only that, but you will also have to take the stairs if you want to go outside for lunch or to buy snacks. If you don’t like doing this, there are other options. Some high-rise elevators buildings allow you to go straight from your office to the lobby without going through the stairs.

Losing Your Privacy

The closeness of your coworkers can be both a blessing and a curse. Above the advantages were mentioned, now for the disadvantages: If you work in a high-rise building, there is a chance that your office mates or neighbors will have a better view of your desk than what they see while they walk around the block every day. This can be annoying if you feel like they’re encroaching on your personal space. This is because most high-rises are located in busy areas that need to maximize the space they have to fit as many people and businesses as they can.

Shared Resources

Most high-rises will have a shared elevator or stairway. This means that you will not be able to use the elevator or stairs to your office alone. You will have to wait for other people to get off, and they will also have to wait for you. This can be a hassle if you hurry and don’t want the others waiting on you.

So, which is the best? The high-rise or the low-rise? This is a tricky question to answer and depends on many factors. If you work in a small building, you will have better privacy. However, if you are working in a high-rise building, you will have better resources.