Top Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Having a beautiful well-decorated home is every person’s dream. But, do you feel that your home is small and you need an extension to it? Getting a home extension often feels pricey and time-consuming, hence we have come up with a few ideas that can make your home look bigger.

Our ideas will make your home remodeling draw in compliments from guests.

Top Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Choose Floor Designs Cleverly

Floors play an important role in shaping the look of a room. Although multiple designed floors look good, it makes the room appear small. Hence, choose floors with large and wide format designs, so that it can appear as an uninterrupted flow and make the room appear larger. While placing the furniture on the floor, be clever to choose tables and sofas with legs. This will make the floor more visible and the room will appear bigger.

Paint The Walls In Light Colour

Always remember to paint the walls of a small room in light colors like white or any other light shade. This will give an illusion of more space to the eyes and the room will appear big. Light reflects and easily bounces back on light shades. It is advisable to paint the walls in light shade and the floors in darker ones.

Smart Furniture

Placing lots of furniture in a small room can make it look even smaller. Be clever to choose the right furniture for maximizing the space. Place multi-purpose furniture like sofa cum beds, tables with many drawers and the like. Storage becomes a big problem for smaller rooms. With multipurpose furniture, you can store a large number of things and at the same time keep the room neat and tidy.

Floor to wall shelves are also a perfect idea for making the room appear bigger. Do you want to know how? It draws the eyes upward and also acts as a great solution for storage.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the prettiest of them All

Many people are aware of the fact that well-placed mirrors can make the illusion of a larger room. Use the focal length of the mirror and play the trick. Mirrors are known to reflect both sunrays and artificial lights. These lights will bounce through the mirror and your room will look bigger. Mirrors can be placed on the walls, where sunlight can fall directly, like near the window. It can also be placed on top of center tables or dining tables and even on the shelves for a more open look and feel.

Smart Doors

Door that open inwards can eat up a lot of spaces. Hence, you can eliminate the doors completely and keep the door frame only or instead of a door you can place an arch, which will give the room a traditional feeling. If it’s a necessity to place doors, then choose sliding doors only.

If you have a small home in Lexington and are looking for room additions or basement and garage additions or adding patio covers, then there are good companies that provide these services at affordable prices! Home remodeling is a good choice, if you want your room to look bigger and attractive. With our list of tips, you can get it done at affordable rates!