Vital Features and Design Ideas to Include in Your Guest House

If you have recently begun the process of designing a guest house, then there are a few key features and additions that you might want to include in that structure. With the right upgrades and design ideas, you can rest assured that your new guest house is going to be the perfect getaway for family and loved ones.

Ample Storage Space

It is an unfortunate fact that many people never even consider storage space when they are designing a guest house or another similar building. When those types of structures don’t have a good amount of storage, it could end up being a very frustrating experience for anyone who comes to visit. To make your visitors as comfortable as possible, your guest house needs to have a few spare closets, dressers, and cabinets where they can safely store all of the personal possessions that they bring.

A Fast Internet Connection

Ensuring that your guests have a good internet connection is another important step in this process, and it is one amenity that hosts often overlook. If the structure is attached to your home or relatively close, then you might be able to set up a guest network that they can use. For a guest house that is a fair distance away from the main home, you will either need to set up a completely second network or run an ethernet cable that was designed for outdoor use. Either way, be sure that there is a strong connection. This is not only convenient for guests, but it may be vital for those visiting who have work responsibilities while they’re away. 

A Kitchen or Kitchenette

It can get crowded when too many people rely on the same kitchen appliances. Having a small kitchen in your guest house can help your guests to have more independence and freedom while visiting. Consider including a sink, mini fridge, and a microwave at the very least. However, if you have the space for it, a full kitchen can be a worthwhile investment.

Convenient Outlets

This is another feature that you might overlook if you haven’t spent some time of your own in a guest house. These days, it is common to use multiple outlets at once for various devices including laptops, tablets, and phones on top of regular home accessories like lamps. A lack of outlets is going to make your guest house very impractical, and that is why you should spend some time planning out the location for each individual electrical outlet and switch. In most cases, it is ideal to put at least five or six outlets in any sizable bedroom or living area. Also try to have one on each side of the sleeping area so that multiple people can charge their devices at night. 

High-Quality HVAC System

Staying in your guest house is going to be practically unbearable if you don’t have a high-quality HVAC system. Even if you live in a relatively moderate climate, a good HVAC system is going to make colder nights and warmer days much more enjoyable for your guests. Once that system has been installed, you must also make sure that you schedule regular heating and air conditioning maintenance with an experienced contractor.

As you are designing your guest house, you should think of the amenities and features that you would enjoy having. Creating a residence that you would love to stay at is the easiest way to ensure that your guests are going to be safe and comfortable.