In these modern times, food waste should be a thing of the past, due to the new kitchen storagecontainers which are available in assorted sizes and shapes, to suit any kitchen and to preserve food longer. A simple plastic box with the remains of a meal or sauce stored inside, then a lid on top with a rubber seal or clip to finish the job. Hey presto; one container of food kept fresh, ready for eating at a later date. It is that simple, anyone can do it!



The mini snack boxes are designed so that they are used for everyday purposes especially for children with packed lunches for those school dinner times and for the adults, their own take on lunch, if on a diet to lose those unwanted pounds or just fancies a unique meal of their choice. The list is endless and dinner, with no left overs!

The secure cap prevents spillage, bacteria, free from the sauces or food contained, keeping in the freshness longer for when you wish to go back to, when the need arrives; whatever the time or day.

They are excellent for saving space and storage within the kitchen and for the mid-day lunch at work or at a picnic in the summer months; that sounds so lovely. For the baker of cakes or buns, this is handy for transporting cakes without damaging them, after all your hard work of mixing, baking and decorating them!  Simply put; they are our extra pair of helping hands in the kitchen.

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They are many designs for all types of food and which comes in assorted sizes and colours to suit any kitchen and person or home improvement project. The butter/cheese keeper is specially designed to keep the contents hygienic with its rubbers seal and free from bacteria; a must for all lovers of this very important spread for the morning toast.

The magic of the pop up food covers, are easily stored flat, when not in use and can be transported flat pack and are convenient. It has an insulated lining that keeps the temperature correct for the food, that has been covered up and for those hot summer months, keeping those pesky flies away and considered a very good friend to have around for those unexpected moments that can occur at any event; indoors or outdoors.

The  traditional bacon buttie is also catered for, by a slim plastic container that keeps the rashers, flat and neat, which replaces the use of foils and cling film, that can be sometimes a little messy and fiddly! Cold meats can also be stored as well, the options are limitless!

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Onion odours are easily eliminated by the onion keeper which extends to garlic as well. This clever device resembles the shape of the onion, which when sealed, ensures the freshness and smell is contained inside until the onion is ready for eating again. The fridge then becomes odour friendly again, without the other food being affected.

The humble pasta has a home in its long container that keeps it in one length. This is essential for the preparing of this Italian favourite and served in a traditional way for customer and chef alike. Other kinds of dried food can be stored with its air tight lid, thus giving it a versatile label.

When you have leftover sauces from cooking, you can use the store and pour container which keeps the sauce fresh plus spill free and easy to use again and again; without the mess! The amateur chef that loves to experiment with food and saves the left- overs for another day, the pour and store container could be the ideal solution to a meal disaster!

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The muncher of cream crackers, who loves to eat them for breakfast, dinner and tea even supper, can enjoy them by the cracker keeper, which seals in the freshness and ensures the soggy cracker never returns! Eat and enjoy, crumbs and all!

Every kitchen needs a helping hand and the storage of food is a way to reduce the waste and re-use the left overs to  make another delicious meal for the family to enjoy, thus saving money in the process, will benefit anyone in the kitchen, the restaurant or just for the love of eating good, fresh food to be enjoyed.

Christina M