Ways You Can Prepare For Your First Botox Appointment

Botox treatments keep muscles from contracting in certain areas of the face, preventing or relaxing away wrinkles. The best Botox patient is well-informed and well-prepared, and they make smart scheduling choices. When you show up ready for your first appointment, you increase the chances of a smooth and pleasant experience.

Ways You Can Prepare For Your First Botox Appointment

Understand What Botox Is

Some people who get Botox injections aren’t fully informed, and this can lead to misunderstandings. Good injectors will explain to you that Botox injections contain safe, proven purified toxins that paralyze small facial muscles for weeks or months. They will also explain that many shallow injections with fine needles are often necessary, so you won’t be getting just one or two shots. There should be little or no pain, and you will need to schedule regular appointments to maintain the effects of Botox.

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Talk About Medications

Speak with your Botox injector in advance about whether you should stop taking prescription or over-the-counter medication before the appointment. NSAID pain relievers and some herbal supplements that increase bleeding should be discontinued several days before Botox, according to some experts. Ask rather than assume what your injector expects of you.

Prepare Your Face

You should never have a chemical peel or spend time sun-tanning in the days before a Botox appointment. It’s best to thoroughly wash and dry your face right before your appointment to prevent infection, but many injectors don’t mind if you wear makeup. Applying arnica or ice before treatment can help reduce bruising.

Exercise Before Going

Botox doctors usually recommend avoiding exercise for at least four hours after treatment to prevent product spreading, so you may want to do your daily workout and any necessary strenuous activities before your appointment. It’s also best not to lay on the treated part of your face for several hours after having Botox.

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Get the Timing Right

You should be able to go back to work immediately after treatment, but you may want to arrange your first treatment so that you can relax afterward. If you’re having Botox to help you look your best for a special event, schedule the appointment two or more weeks in advance since Botox results get better after the first few weeks.

If you have deep lines or sunken areas on your face or hands, you may want to ask your Botox injector about dermal fillers, which are often a smart complement to Botox treatments. Results from Botox and related injectable products can be stunning, and you can get the best results by knowing what to expect, preparing for your appointment, and going at the right time.