Ways You Can Protect Your Construction Workers When They’re Working Near Roadways

Construction work always comes with its risks, but it becomes more dangerous when it’s near roadways. Whether it’s on a public street, a quiet neighborhood, or a busy highway, the most important thing is protecting your construction workers. Working in road construction can be dangerous, even with the right precautions. However, there are ways to reduce the chance of injury for your construction crew. Here are ways you can protect your construction workers when they’re working near roadways.

Ways You Can Protect Your Construction Workers When They're Working Near Roadways

Come Up With a Plan

Before sending your workers out to do what they do best, you need to create a safety strategy. Research the road where they will be working. Determine when peak travel time is and try to schedule work when traffic is light. This will make it easier for the workers to put up cones and barricades to redirect traffic.

Control the Traffic

Speaking of traffic control, signs and barricades are only a part of the equation. You also need to ensure that drivers obey the speed limit, especially when your employees are working on an open highway. Most accidents happen because people drive over the speed limit. So, for example, if a road allows vehicles to travel up to 35 miles per hour, you need to slow drivers down to at least 20 miles per hour. At times, you may need to completely put a stop to the traffic as well. However, only do so if the type of construction calls for it.

Use the Right Gear

No construction worker is safe without the proper gear. Traffic aside, it’s also possible for your workers to be injured from the job itself. Construction work requires the use of tools and heavy machinery that can be deadly without the right protection. Ensure that your crew is always fully equipped with hard hats, goggles, masks, face shields, easy-to-notice clothing, steel-toed boots, and ear protection. If someone isn’t properly attired to do the work safely, they should be sent home. This protects both you and them.

Keep an Eye Out for Blind Spots

Blind spots are when a person’s visual ability is obscured by something. On the road, this is why people use the side mirrors to avoid a collision. Construction workers have them too. Before beginning work, set up mirrors and viewpoints so that you have a clear view of each and every side. This is especially important if the road curves sharply or if there are other obstructions that make it difficult to see oncoming cars.

Roadwork is vital to ensuring the safety of everyone who needs to commute. Use the following tips to ensure the job goes smoothly, and to keep your workers safe and sound.