Why People Prefer Blinds Over Curtains?

Earlier blinds were used in offices where curtains were used at homes. However times have changed and now people widely prefer using blind shades at home to add elegance and class. There are many people who prefer blinds over curtains even for their homes and apartments.

Why People Prefer Blinds Over Curtains?

Here are many reasons as to why window shades are preferred over curtains recently:

  • Control light levels– Blinds can control the level of light that enters your room. You can ensure dim light enters your room and protect yourself from glaring rays of the sun. On the other hand if you choose curtains then either you can go for thin fabric that will allow light to enter completely or you can also go for thick fabric which restricts the entry of light in a way that it will limit ventilation in the room and make it too airless.
  • Blinds look sophisticated– Window blinds look very classy and make your home look updated. It is also unbelievably versatile and can make your living place look neat and sleek. You can style your windows according to the home decor using various finishes and designs. You can also choose a variety of fabrics depending on the interior of your home. You can either go for aluminum, plastic and wood window blind shades giving a different look to each room of your home and office.
  • Easy measurement– It is easier to measure shades as compared to curtains. All you need to do is measure the area where you wish to add blinds according to your preferable style. It is easy to attach blind shades to the frame of windows where as if you hung curtains then you will need rings, rod and screw to hang it.
  • Easy maintenance– It is easy to clean and maintain blinds as compared to curtains. You can easily clean plastic, metal and wood blind shades with the help of a damp cloth. Fabric blinds are also resistant to stain and can be dusted with a brush easily. You can also vacuum it occasionally to keep it dust-free. On the other hand curtains are made of cotton fabric which can be easily stained require regular washing and pressing.
  • Durability– Window blinds are durable as pets and kids cannot ruin them easily. Curtains easily get torn and scratched by kids and pets. Your kids and pets might even get entangled in the fabric of the curtain putting their life in danger.
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Nowadays blinds come in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics. Thus it has become every easy for you to choose appropriate one for you. You can also choose shades with scenery to make it look more elegant and bright. You can also use blinds as a divider separating two section of a room or two room altogether. Thus blinds have emerged as a favorite window treatment today among both homeowners and business owners.

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