4 Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips

If you know anything about motor vehicles, you know there are major differences between engines that are gas-powered and ones that are diesel-powered. Due to the many differences, there are certain things you need to pay close attention to if your vehicle has a diesel engine. If you get lackadaisical about your engine’s maintenance, you could be looking at some very expensive repairs. To keep your diesel truck running great, here are four maintenance tips to always remember.

Get Regular Oil Changes

While you may have thought regular oil changes were only important to gas engines, the fact is they are critical to keeping your diesel engine in top shape. Infrequent oil changes in a gas engine will make the engine age faster, but they will destroy a diesel engine much quicker due to the dirty oil clogging the engine and causing it to become very hot. For best results, change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles.

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Inspect the Glow Plugs

In a truck’s diesel engine, having glow plugs that work as needed is vital to keeping the engine in great condition. Glow plugs are responsible for producing the heat needed for ignition, and should always be checked regularly during the winter. If you need help with your truck’s glow plugs, hire a mechanic to take a closer look.

Monitor Your Gaskets

Gaskets in a diesel engine are always operating under very extreme conditions, and thus need to be monitored closely for signs of damage. Pay close attention to the mounting bolts, since these need to be in good condition to prevent leaks and related problems. Should you find one gasket in your diesel engine that is leaking, a mechanic will recommend you have all the gaskets replaced at the same time, since it is probable the others will start leaking very soon.

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Check Your Coolant

Finally, you should always make it a top priority to check the coolant in your truck’s diesel engine. The longer coolant is in your engine, the more acidic it becomes. If you don’t have your engine coolant flushed regularly, it will eventually start to rot out certain parts of the engine’s cooling system, especially the radiator. Should this occur, you are looking at very expensive repairs.

Since you have made a sizable investment in your diesel truck, it makes sense to perform these maintenance tasks on a regular basis. By taking only a few minutes or perhaps an hour here and there, you can prevent many problems from unnecessarily occurring and save yourself the high cost of repairs.