4 Innovations In Home Utilities and Energy Usage

If you pay attention to the news, you’re likely well aware of the environmental challenges faced by this planet. The good news is that, amid the chaos, there are a lot of people working hard to make changes for the better. A critical component of this is changes made in the amount of energy used by single-family homes. To help provide some hope and insight, here are four innovations in home utilities and energy usage that are worth paying attention to.

4 Innovations In Home Utilities and Energy Usage

Smart Utility Meters

For decades, the utility meters on your home have done little more than track your energy usage to determine the amount of your next utility bill. With the advent of smart utility meters, though, your utility meters become an ally in saving energy. By tracking your energy usage from day to day and month to month, you can see how your daily habits affect how much energy you use. This can help you change your behavior so that you use less energy.

Multi-Stage Compressors

Of all the appliances in your home, one of the ones that use the most electricity is your air conditioner compressor. Fortunately, with new innovations in compressors, this reality is turning itself on its head. Multi-stage compressors automatically sense the amount of refrigerant compression needed based on the current temperature. This ensures that energy is saved on cooler days when the ambient air temperature is lower than the temperature of the refrigerant. This can also help save wear and tear on your system, and improve the quality of air conditioner repair.

Smart Thermostats

If you’re looking for the “poster child” of home innovations, smart thermostats are certainly in the running for that title. Smart thermostats have received a lot of press because of their ingenious capabilities and the overall shift in technology that they signify. By adapting to your daily habits to ensure your HVAC system only runs as often as necessary, a smart thermostat can put a big dent in your utility bill.

Falling Solar Prices

For a long time, the cost of a residential solar installation has put this innovation out of reach of all except the wealthiest homeowners. As solar power continues to gain in popularity, though, the prices for solar panels continue to fall. This means that the initial price is more within reach and that the time it takes to recoup your investment is far shorter. As more people adopt solar power, the need for power plants powered by fossil fuels will continue to diminish.

Like a Snowball

Now that smart home tech and other energy-saving devices are becoming more mainstream, the rate of innovation has increased. Since there is more money to be made in the industry, more people are looking to get involved, which puts pressure on the established industry players to either innovate or get out. With so much innovation happening, the future of home energy usage is very bright, indeed.