Tips On Using Less Energy In Your Office

Energy consumption in office spaces is a matter that needs special attention. For any given office space, there is a need for adequate lighting and temperature controlled environment. Again, there are different kinds of gadgets, machines and other equipment used which consume energy on a daily basis. With many offices running 24/7, it is important that energy saving measures is incorporated in office setup and infrastructure from the very beginning.

Tips On Using Less Energy In Your Office

Even if a standard office runs with a general setup for energy usage, here are some tips on how energy consumption can be reduced to an appreciable extent.

Use of LED Lights

LED is the modern technology that brings in energy saving for office lighting needs. If you notice traditional lights being used in your old office, you might consider getting them replaced by LED lights. This is a superior technology that ensures greater life span of lighting systems as well as reduces energy consumption to an appreciable extent. If a modern workspace is being designed, touch sensitive lighting systems should be designed. That will ensure that lights come on only in spaces where people are present. With a thermal sensitivity built into such systems, these lights can be used in the premises as a safety measure as well.

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Temperature Control Systems

Compared to traditional thermostats that are present for controlling office temperature of the heating and cooling system, the temperature control systems are better solutions for energy saving. For more information go to .

  • These comprise of a memory chip and circuit board.
  • The setting can be put in a desired temperature, which can be, irrespective to external weather conditions.
  • The temperature control system is a digital device that links to heating and cooling units. The device will use both systems as required to maintain set points in different areas of an office space.

With the above features a temperature control system is a more efficient way to control energy usage in an office space.

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Use of Solar Panels

If it is possible to alter existing electrical infrastructure in an office, it would be wise to invest in solar panels. Installation of solar panels can help save on traditional energy usage. Many countries even provide savings on taxes for offices which implement solar energy usage in their office premises. The initial costs might be considerable, but the returns would be significant in the long run.

Energy Saving Work Habits

It is also important to inculcate energy saving habits among employees and workers in a given workspace. Switching off lights and devices when not in use or keeping computers in hibernation mode when not in use are small but significant steps that can help bring in savings in the energy bill.

The above steps can help any office space, save on their energy usage. The new workspaces that are being designed make use of such measures and inbuilt these systems in the office floors. For factory premises energy usage minimization needs to be inbuilt in the flow of work or arrangement of equipment and machinery to minimize usage and optimize energy consumption.