4 Ways You Become A Better Christian Leader In Your Community Through Study

Whether you’ve chosen a life of full-time ministry, or you simply want to engage your community more effectively for Christ, ongoing study is of utmost importance. By continuing to study God’s Word and various topics related to the Bible, you will be better equipped to answer difficult questions and speak clearly and accurately about difficult topics. Although studying can at times be difficult, it is worth it when you consider the ways in which God will use you as a result of your study.

4 Ways You Become A Better Christian Leader In Your Community Through Study

Stronger Convictions

When you’re working in your community, you are likely to encounter many difficult situations. Although serving in these situations is exactly what you’re called to do, these trying times can test your faith. If you spend time in study, though, you will have stronger convictions on a variety of topics, meaning that you can lean on these convictions when life becomes difficult.

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Accurate Assumptions

The Bible is so rich that no one person could ever completely understand all of its intricacies. However, just because you can’t understand everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to understand as much as possible. By utilizing resources, such as a Bible certificate online course, you can enhance the accuracy of your biblical understandings so that you give good answers when others ask questions about theological topics.

Increased Patience

The study of something as intricate as God’s Word takes a lot of time. More importantly, though, this rigorous study takes patience. After all, you may not understand what you are reading the first, second, or even fifth time that you read it, meaning that you have to take a measured approach to ensure you extract the correct meaning from the text. Fortunately, the patience you develop by devoting yourself to regular study will play out in a more patient lifestyle that will serve you well in difficult situations.

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Love for the Word

Theological study, in many ways, is like a muscle. If you exercise that muscle on a regular basis, it will become stronger. However, if you only occasionally use that muscle, it will become weak. Therefore, by regularly spending time studying God’s Word, you will develop a stronger love for the Word. This love will be seen by others in your community who will notice the changes that have taken place in your life. Thus, you will draw others closer to Christ because of your consistent study.

It is good to increase your knowledge of the Word as much as possible. If you keep that knowledge to yourself, though, it won’t do much good. Therefore, as you work hard to gain more knowledge, it’s important to share that knowledge as opportunities present themselves. Otherwise, your knowledge will largely go to waste, and your community won’t experience the change it desperately needs.