5 Reasons Of Adult Acne You Don’t Know

Did people tell you that you would grow out of your acne? And still you haven’t got rid of the pesky pimples! Well, you are not alone. A huge population around the world have acne problem. There’s nothing more disappointing than waiting to clear your teenage years to finally have a clear and radiant skin. Only to learn the hard way that they haven’t gone as did your 20s.

5 Reasons Of Adult Acne You Don’t Know

The outlook may look dreary to you, having a wrinkled and acne filled skin, but knowing about the causes is essential to clear your skin,  so that you can provide the required treatment. Today, the advancement in technology can provide you help in an effective way, You don’t even have to be worried of any scars or marks as IPL laser is immensely helpful in removing them.

Take a look at the some of the reasons of Acne that you didn’t know about:


One of the main reason is the changes in your hormonal levels which could be the result of menopause or even the stopping or switching of birth control pills. The fluctuations in the hormones is usually the main cause of acne in adults. The cystic acne which forms around neck, chin and back are usually caused by testosterone androgens.

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Cleansing Ritual

It has always been suggested to us that we should wash and cleanse our face daily. But not overly so. Do not cleanse you face more than twice as it will only make your skin dry that will cause it to produce more oil to overcompensate. Cleansers or anything that rubs your skin, promotes acne. Try out some gentle face washes to give your skin required love and care.


We all love chocolates, coffee, fried food, pizza and nuts. They are delicious treat to our taste buds but at the same time causes acne. Iodine is one of the most important ingredient that definitely causes acne when eaten in abundance. You won’t find the reactions from Iodine instantly as it took weeks and sometimes months to affect your skin. Unlike Iodine, other foods have different reactions to everyone and doesn’t always results in acne.

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The air we breathe in and are surrounded by is full of impurities, chemicals and dust. These impurities gets into your skin through bloodstream. This Air pollution further puts up a layer of all this impurities and crap on your face, especially in the cities.


We are always under a lot of pressure and demands. The result of which is physical as well as psychological stress. When you are stressed there is a  release of cortisol, which is the major stress hormone in our body. There is also a bit of leaking of testosterone hormone which as explained above drives oil glands to produce more.

These reasons will help you out in knowing the cause of your adult acne problems and ways to get rid of them. If you’re looking for an acne removal treatment, make an appointment with us to get rid of them through different treatments along with any left over marks or scars with the help of IPL Laser. Get a perfectly clear and shining skin, right now!

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