5 Reasons to Clean Your Gutters More Than Once A Year

Everyone hates doing home maintenance. Cleaning out the gutters is one of those chores that we all dread. No one wants to stand on a ladder and stick their hands in the gooey muck that accumulates overhead. However much you loathe this job, we have five great reasons you may want to do it more than once a year.

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Excess Rainfall Means more Work for your Gutters

If you have a steep roof slope, then your gutters might get more than they can handle when it rains. Did you know that too much rain going through the system can damage the downspouts, pull gutters away from the house, and cause harm to other parts of the property? Your deck might get a deluge of rain if the gutters cannot handle all the moisture at once.

Keeping your plants from getting too much Water

When your flowers rot away to nothing, it might be because they are getting too much water. You may not realize it, but your gutters can be the culprit. Whether they are working fine and putting too much out the downspout, or the flowers sit right under a clogged gutter, excess water can kill your plants and flowers. Check the beds often to see how moist they are. Do they dry out between rains? If not, you may have an issue with excessive water.

Finding problems before they become disasters

Seasonal gutter cleanings can help you discover issues with your gutters. The sooner you find a problem, the faster you can fix it. If you let these things go, then they can become more expensive to fix. For example, refastening a gutter might only cost a few bucks, but replacing the flashing, deck material, or patio can get pretty pricey. If you find an issue, then it might be wise to call a roofing company to get an estimate to see how much it will cost to make repairs.

Protecting your Foundation

Too much water running down the house will end up sitting against the foundation. When gutters clog, the water has nowhere to go but down the easiest route. This path is usually against the house. Cleaning the gutters often can save you thousands of dollars in foundation repairs.

Pine Trees Clog Gutters Quickly

If you live in an area where the neighbors’ leaves end up on your lawn and roof, then the debris can add up fast. People with pine trees may not realize that these plants let loose of needles all year long, says Bob Vila. Keeping the gutters clear is a monumental task with these trees because of all the sap and excess debris.

Seasonal gutter cleaning may not be a choice for some homeowners. This task can mean the difference between spending a few hours of time and a little money versus letting it go and costing yourself thousands of dollars in repairs. A few hours on the ladder does not sound so bad now, does it? We sure think it is worth a few weekend days each year.