Are You Using The Right Way To Apply Foundation?

Make up is an art and applying the cosmetics wrong way may spoil your day as everything needs to be perfectly applied. Foundation is one of the most important steps of makeup as it helps to hide the flaws on your face making it clear and even toned. So, make sure it does happen and it is possible only in the condition when you apply the foundation in right way. Just check out here whether you are using the right way to apply foundation or not.

Are You Using The Right Way To Apply Foundation?

Know the purpose of applying Foundation

Foundation is applied to hide the flaws and blemishes on your face. It’s not necessarily applied evenly on whole face. If the foundation is too much you may look like a jester or if it’s less your face may look unpolished. Make sure there are no visible lines near your jawline or hairline.

Apply Primer before Foundation

You should apply primer before foundation as it helps to make it last long as well as primer prevents the skin from coming in direct contact with the chemicals or other things that might harm the skin. Primer also makes the skin look healthy and leave the primer for two minutes before applying foundation to set in. There are many types of primers available in market. You can purchase them online as well since all the leading brands are available at discount price you can also save money using Purplle coupons.

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How to apply Foundation

Before applying foundation rather primer, clean your face gently with the facewash suitable for your skin. If you have oily skin use facewash that contains neem leaf extract, tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Always use brush to apply foundation instead of your fingers as it prevents the skin from germs as well prevents foundation from sticking to the fingers in spite of face.

Are You Using The Right Way To Apply Foundation?

Apply dots of foundation on cheeks, forehead, chin and tip of nose. Now, join the dots carefully ensuring all of the fine lines and blemishes on your face disappears.

Find the Best Suited Foundation

You should not apply just any foundation on your face. Different types of foundations are ideal for different types of skins. All the types of foundations are available online as well with attractive discount deals using Slassy coupons from all leading brands thereby letting you save some money while helping you look just gorgeous. 5 kinds of Foundations are :-

  1. Cream Foundation
    Cream Foundation suits the best to normal, combination and dry skin types. It is ideal for women requiring heavy coverage with uneven pigmentation. It conceals the discoloration and imperfections on the face resulting in a flawless finish.
  2. Liquid Foundation
    Liquid foundation is ideal for all skin types but suits the best to dry and mature skin. Depending on the formulation it lends satin, matte or dewy finish.
  3. Pressed Powder Foundation
    Pressed powder foundation is ideal for women having oily skin. It provides matte-finish look as well as has the capability to absorb the excess oil.
  4. Mineral Foundation
    Mineral Foundation is the best suited to all skin types’ especially sensitive skin except oily skin. It lends a matte-finish look and provides light to medium coverage.
  5. Tinted Moisturizing Foundation
    Tinted moisturizing foundation is ideal for both normal and dry skin. It is perfect for those who need extra hydration and just a touch of color is enough. It lends a sheer to light coverage providing a nude or natural look.
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Hence, desired results can be obtained only with condition of using right foundation in right way. The first step towards making your skin even toned and blemish free is picking the right foundation and using all the given tips while applying it.


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