4 Stunning Bridal Bouquet Design Ideas You Should Try

Bridal bouquet is the most important attraction of a wedding. It’s not just a bunch of flowers, it’s an accessory that will be pictured in every single photo the bride will be in. Deciding on a bouquet is thus a difficult task and must be done with enough care.

4 Stunning Bridal Bouquet Design Ideas You Should Try

When designing a bridal bouquet, a florist will help you with the ideas but it is you who will need to take the final call. There are a few florists who have years of experience in this and can be your go-to guy for cheap flower delivery UK.

Here are four bridal bouquet ideas that will help you in making a perfect choice:

Posy Bouquet

This bouquet design consists of a bunch of flowers arranged in a way that they make a slight dome shape. The bouquet can be made by just one kind of flower or by using a concoction of two or more type of flowers that have large flower heads.


  • They are a great choice if you don’t want your flowers and dress to compete with one another.
  • They are versatile with the size.
  • They are made from sturdy flowers and hence do not require extra care.
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Due to the simplicity of the bouquet, it will go well with any bridal dresses. Flowers you can use: Dahlia, Peony and Red Tulip

Cascade Bouquet

These are also known as “waterfall bouquet” because of their design which resembles like a waterfall. These are considered the most traditional of all bouquets. This style looks great because of its natural look.


  • It is an accessory that will add liveliness to a simple wedding gown.
  • It will look spectacular on a petite bride.
  • For rustic setting, if exotic flowers like orchids and amaranths are in your mind, this style will look wonderful

You can choose this style in outdoor settings and try to incorporate seasonal foliage in the bouquet. Flowers that will go well with this style are Clematis, Freesia, Orchids.

Biedermeier Bouquet

This style consists of a dense cluster of flowers that are tightly tied together and arranged to form a spherical shape. The arrangement is done in a way that the flowers form concentric circles. It can be made up of four to five different layers of flowers.

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  • The flowers are tightly tied together which makes it difficult to lose its shape.
  • The shape is so symmetrical that you can take photos from any angle and it will look just as good.
  • This design will give trendy look to your overall appearance.

It can be difficult to make it on your own. But once made, it is a great choice for giving your attire a classy look. Flowers you can use for making them are Gerbera, Pink Rose, and Red Rose.

Arm Sheath Bouquet

The style of this bouquet makes it easy for the bride to carry it on her forearms. These use long-stemmed and long-petaled flowers.


  • These are a good choice for tall brides
  • Are easy for a bride to carry
  • The flowers used and the design is really easy which makes it budget friendly.

This design too is natural-looking which you can use for outdoor weddings. You can make them with flowers like Calla Lily, Iris, and Sunflower.

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Determining a bouquet is not just about choosing the color of the flower according to the theme color of the wedding. The design style of the bouquet has to be chosen keeping in mind the above-mentioned benefits of a style.

Bridal bouquets are a great way to enhance the looks of the bride if they are chosen carefully.

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