5 Signs That You Need To Hire Professional Waterproofing Consultants

Whether you are looking to prevent a basement problem or to repair a noticed basement issue, choosing the right waterproofing consultant is an essential decision. It is the greatest investment you would be making for the betterment of your home. After a season of heavy rain winter storms, you will identify a few issues in your basement. While these issues can be prevented for the future with the help of a professional waterproofing service in the effort to waterproof your basement. However, basement waterproofing may seem like a difficult task, a team of professional waterproofing consultants can have your basement ready within the requisite time.

When choosing a waterproofing consultant, you need to protect your wallet, your home and your peace of mind. If you are still not sure as to whether you should waterproof your basement or not in the coming weeks, check your property for these warning signs.

5 Signs That You Need To Hire Professional Waterproofing Consultants


While there can be many tiny cracks throughout your home foundation, significant and larger cracks may be a sure sign of moisture in the home. In order to avoid the further damage to your foundation, you should get the cracks sealed as soon as possible to eliminate the possible future problems in the basement. Even if the basement floor and walls are cracking, there can be a severe risk to the foundation. These visible cracks should be repaired by an expert waterproofing specialist pretty soon.


A white colored chalky substance can build up in the walls of your home, a sign of leaked mineral particles from moisture that is leaking through your situation. This build-up is typically paired with other signs of leaky basements, such as visible mildew or mold and bad odor in your basement.


A constant musty odor or dampness in the basement can be an early sign of moisture and mold growth in the foundation of your home. So, it’s better you notice this problem early by hiring a mold or mildew remediation expert pretty soon as you catch these signs.


Another obvious sign that you should call a professional waterproofing consultant bowed walls. If there is water accumulation or leak behind the walls, the walls will be twisted or bowed because of the extreme moisture. In case your basement walls seem to be a little warped or twisted, it’s a clear sign of a leaky basement that requires an urgent repair.


Visible mold or mildew in any room is one of the most obvious signs of extreme moisture in your home. As basements are among the lesser visited areas in the house, moisture gets to collect with time and accumulate into mildew and mold in the ceilings, furniture, and walls.

If you have noticed any of above-mentioned signs in your basement, identify it’s source and seeks the assistance of professional waterproofing consultant as early as you can.

Olivia Rs