Why Getting Your Basement Waterproofed Is A Great Idea

The basement gets a bad rap for being a dark, damp place that can’t really be used the same way the rest of the house can. Instead, it’s relegated to the traditional duties of storage and storm shelter. However, a well-managed basement can be so much more. One of the most important steps to getting it to a useful condition is to eliminate the water problems that occur in so many basements. Here are four reasons you’ll be glad you waterproofed this forgotten area.

Why Getting Your Basement Waterproofed Is A Great Idea

Safer Storage

Even if you never do anything to finish your basement, you’ll probably store lots of things in it. Out-of-season clothes, yard sale items, and extra furniture often migrate into the basement. They often stay there for months or years with little attention paid to them. If water is seeping into them, even in small quantities, these items can quickly be ruined. Basement waterproofing will enable you to store stuff with confidence.

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Better Health

Moisture is a big factor in your home’s air quality. A damp basement will support dampness in the living space, fostering the growth of molds and other allergens. People with asthma can suffer particularly severe symptoms from living above a damp basement. Eliminating the water in the basement will dramatically reduce the humidity in the home, making it cleaner and healthier.

A Nicer Finish

If you just want to leave your basement rough and messy, you can. When there’s a water problem, you have no choice. Drywall or paneling for the walls, carpet on the floors, and baseboards are not practical if you have an ongoing water problem in your basement. This limits you to only the minimum level of finishing there, wasting space that could otherwise be utilized for guest rooms, office spaces, or recreational items.

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Pest Control

Every kind of pest needs some water, right down to the tiniest insect. That includes the very tiny termite, a pest that can quickly do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home. Minimizing the water available to insects and other pests will reduce the chances that you will have to shell out big money for other control methods. Waterproofing your basement may not eliminate 100% of pests, but it’s a good start.

A well-maintained home should be in good condition from the footer to the peak of the roof. If you have a basement, don’t neglect water management. A waterproofed basement will make your home healthier, cleaner, safer, and more useful.