5 Things You Need To Consider Before Installing A Pool For Your Family

In those hot summer months, it’s common to crave having your own pool. It saves you the trouble of having to share the pool in the public area and can be a whole lot cleaner. However, before you call up the pool contractor, here are five things that you’ll want to consider.

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Installing A Pool For Your Family

Your Budget

At the start of any good home project is a budget. You need to determine just how much money you have that you can invest in your new pool and its features. It’s never a good idea to just jump right into the project without setting a budget. That is one surefire way to spend more money than you intend to on a pool.


Next, you’ll want to consider where you want to install your pool. Pools can be installed outdoors and indoors with both having their own pros and cons. Most homeowners opt for an outdoor pool in their backyard. However, you’ll want to consider the various aspects of your yard when determining where to install your pool. Some factors to consider are the flatness of the ground, the proximity to the neighbors, and other existing features on your property.


When having a pool installed, you want to ensure that you pick a good contractor to do the job. An experienced contractor, like those at Premier Pools & Spas, has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your pool gets installed in an adequate location and that you love how it looks. A good contractor will be familiar with the local codes in your area that regulate how the pool can be built. They’ll know what permits need to be applied for and so forth.


A big part regarding safety when it comes to home pools is fencing. This keeps others out of your area while protecting any of your pets and small children from entering the water. Most pool contractors will install fencing or sub-contract a company to do so. You’ll want to consider the style of fencing, the height, and the building materials in your decision.

Pool Features

Lastly, you’ll want to talk with your pool contractor about various features that you would like to have included with your outdoor pool. These could be things like a soothing spillway, industrial waterfall, swim-up bar, water slide, and so forth. It’s best to make a list of these desired features prior to meeting with your contractor.

Installing a new pool for your family can be a fun experience. However, ensuring that everything turns out just how you have dreamed it would require you to take necessary factors into consideration before the installation process gets underway. The above five factors will successfully guide you throughout the pre-installation process.