5 Ways To Turn Home Projects Into Fun Family Activities

Home projects are never a fun thing to do. So much physical labor, so little time (or energy), but you know what they say about necessity? Well, it’s also the mother of invention.

Home projects are usually a big thing, with a lot of people working. Spaces may be crowded with people, or they may be dangerous to walk through if there are pieces of chipped glass or wood. The last thing you’d want is your children to injure themselves or get in the way of the project. To avoid this, we put together a list of activities that you can assign your children to, so they can be safe and feel like they are helping out. with these tips, you’ll be turning home projects into not-so-boring family activities in no time flat.

5 Ways To Turn Home Projects Into Fun Family Activities

Carve Stickers

Get paper, scissors, tape and some sticker paper. Tape the sides of a sheet to the wall in your children’s room, and let them go to town. If they like cutting things up (or at least think this would be a cool activity), get some plastic plates and place them on the floor, letting kids cut through them. They’ll love these!

Make Button Art

Head on over to a craft and fabric store. Get a roll of contact paper, some picture frames, and lots of buttons. Stick the contact paper onto the frames, lay out all those buttons, and get to work (let your child pick out the buttons). Don’t forget to save enough room for a photo or two in each frame!

Make a Cardboard Boat

The best craft project ever: a cardboard boat. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s endlessly cool for kids. Throw out your child’s old toys, head to the nearest hardware store or dollar store, and get to work. Let your child build their boat, or if that’s not their thing, find some fun patterns online and get them started on their own little super-cool underwater hamster paradise.

Make a Mini-Garden

All you need for this one is an old milk jug, some soil, and seeds. Cut out the milk jug’s bottom, put it in the soil, and plant! This is perfect when companies like Countryside are working on the job, and everyone is outside. It is fun for a little kid (or big kid), and it’s also a great teaching activity. Before you know it, your kids will be talking about pollination and watering schedules.

Build a Beach Scene

Get some boxes, sand, and shells. Have the kids bury their arms into a box of sand and dig out a little beach scene. Put the sand in another box, let them dig up some more beach! It is great fun, and it’s also a great way to teach your kids that they don’t have to be on vacation to go to the beach. Home-made beaches are a great idea if you’re not a “traveling family”.


Home projects can be so tedious and arduous. It’s hard to remember that they can be a lot of fun. But with these five ideas, you’ll be having so much fun with your kids that you’ll barely know what hit you! And who knows? Maybe your kids will put in some effort into their home improvements.