Alex Mendieta: Entrepreneur of the year

At 24 years old, Alejandro Mendieta Blanco (Alex) won what most business people would adore adding to their prize room. The business visionary of the year grant. After 10 years, we return to his excursion of ups, downs and where he is today.

We are living an entrepreneur life.

Alex Mendieta

In another gathering, Alex Mendieta discussed significant dissatisfaction with the treatment he got by the fake media in Australia, the police, and the cost office, which is so far not thought about answerable for the maltreatment towards him and others before him. When moved toward what was next for the young finance manager? He answered that he has chosen to move abroad when the fringes open. Australia is an astonishing nation until you become rich; at that point, you are loathed for making the most of your persistent effort.

Eventually, he loses splendid young movers of ventures to countries like Singapore, where they welcome them wholeheartedly. They don’t have to worry about valuing their prizes for all the difficult work. The tall poppy issue needs to stop in this country, or we will never pull in heads of undertakings from various bits of the universes to come and live here.

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His recent legend case

Alejandro Mendieta Blanco’s legal counselor contested an image. He made limelight of the 34-year-old’s job and said that the subsequent moved up the charge against him was not a particularly genuine illustration of the offense. Scott Johns named the direct brassy, bold, and a break of trust. He demonstrated some prison time was likely.


Alejandro Mendieta Blanco was imprisoned and condemned to four months’ jail trailed by a two-year network adjustments request with 200 hours of unpaid network work, claiming a gold vendor’s business that purchased taken property from lawbreakers. His sibling Julio Mendieta Blanco, ahead of the organization, was condemned to a network remedies request of two years and half years with 250 hours of unpaid network work for his job. Likewise, Alex Mendieta gave out addresses of credit clients so convicts could burgle them and sell the gems back to Gold Buyers.

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The three vendors’ attorneys griped about the “outrageous” media inclusion of the case. Following a drawn-out battle against the Victoria Police and Australian duty assortment office, everything finished up with a huge accomplishment on the side of himself. More nuances are still to be uncovered. In any case, reports procured through an FOI, evidence shows of a terrible joint movement including the Tax office and Victoria police was clear. They were putting tremendous inquiries on the Australian government workplaces.

In Canberra, the High Court (the most raised court in Australia), a choice was made that two government divisions are not to work together against a person. This causes an off marked advantage which the individual doesn’t think about. Consequently, it denies their privilege to a sensible watchman. Victoria Police has been locked in with interminable degradation shames, with the latest being of extraordinary criticalness.