All Packed Up? The Supplies You Need For An Easier Long-Distance Move

Moving over a long distance can be tough. Not only are you heading to a new area, but you have to do much of the moving on your own since you might not have friends and family at your destination to help you unload. To make your move a little easier, ensure that you have the following items on hand before you start packing up and loading the truck.

All Packed Up? The Supplies You Need For An Easier Long-Distance Move

Moving Boxes

Perhaps the most important thing you’ll bring with you when you move are your moving boxes. While you can technically use any boxes you have around your house, if you are planning on moving over a long distance, good shipping boxes are going to be worth the small investment. Sturdy boxes will make it easier for you to safely pack everything you need, and you won’t have to worry about fragile belongings falling out of the bottom of an old box. Make sure to get a few different sizes of boxes. While people often try to get everything into big boxes when they move, heavy things, like books, should be put in smaller boxes. This will make it easier and safer to pick up and move.

A Dolly

One of the tough parts about moving over a long distance is not having help when you arrive. A dolly, though, can help to make things a little easier. This tool allows you to move multiple boxes at once or to maneuver larger appliances. If you’re renting a moving truck, a dolly will often be included, but if it isn’t, or if you’re aren’t renting a truck, it’s a good plan to rent a dolly anyways. It can speed up the moving process considerably.

Padding and Cargo Straps

A long drive can get bumpy, so you want to make sure that all your belongings are carefully protected and secured in the truck. This means that you’ll need various types of padding and cargo straps. Of course, any glass dishes or other belongings should be packed with newspaper, cloth, packing peanuts, or other types of cushioning protection. In addition to that, you can protect fragile furniture with furniture pads and plastic covers. While large pieces of furniture might seem indestructible, it’s easy to scratch or dent them during the moving process. You can rent or buy specialized pads and covers, or you can use extra blankets as a substitute.

Once everything is carefully packed and safely in the truck, you want to make sure that it all stays right where you put it. Cargo straps, or simply rope, can help keep all your furniture and boxes securely in place. That way, you don’t have to worry about a box of dishes falling or an antique table tipping over when you hit a pothole.


Tape is one of those things that you’ll definitely need when you get ready to move. Though you’re going to use a lot of it while you are packing, you’ll also find that you’ll want to have some on hand while you are loading your truck as well. Whether you are reinforcing boxes or just taping back corners of oddly-shaped items so that you can fit them on a truck, having some extra tape can be quite helpful.

Labeling supplies

Finally, make sure that you have some markers. No matter how organized you might be, you aren’t going to remember the order in which you packed your boxes when you put them on the truck. If you can label every box, though, you’ll be able to know exactly where they need to go when you start unloading. This will make the process of unpacking your house easier and take away one small stressor during your move. Label each box with what room it’s going to end up in and what is in the box. This will also help you figure out what needs to be unpacked first.

When you’re getting ready to move, stock up on the moving supplies you’ll need early. Whether it’s boxes, extra tape, or a good dolly, the right tools are going to help you on your move. Though no one tool can make a move easy, all of these items will reduce the amount of stress you feel once you hit the road.