Apply For The Germany Skilled Job Seeker Visa Today

The Germany skilled job seeker visa is one of the long term residence permits which allows all for staying in the Germany for around 6 months and look out for working on own. Through such a visa, the Germany intends for attracting high educated skilled immigrations that are able in summit requirements well of country’s skill lacks. This visa is also valid for around 6 months. If any applicant is successful in finding the work within such a period, she or he can convert their job seeker visa into long term permit of residence.

Apply For The Germany Skilled Job Seeker Visa Today

Attractive Destination for All Immigrants

Yes, Germany is truly an attractive destination for all the immigrants around. It consist of vibrant huge cities, the villages, fairy tale castle, the breath taking nature from North Sea to Alps and others. Germany is also one country which consists of thousand faces. It is also economic engine of the Europe and one of the safest and richest countries of the world. Its system of education is highly competitive and free at the same time. While applying for the Germany job seeker visa, you must know that highly skilled workers are largely in demand in the Germany due to their demographic shift.

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In the Germany, you are having opportunity for discovering the perspective of new experts and for developing yourself easily in private and professional life. There are wide number of the benefits of job search Germany visa which includes as,

  • It allows the job seeker for staying in the Germany and look out for their choice of work
  • After getting opportunity of long term work, one can apply for the permit of residence
  • On completing the five years of the permit of residence, you can easily apply for the permanent residency in the Germany.

Eligibility to Apply for the Germany Job Seeker Visa

There are no points based tests for Germany jobseeker visas. For being eligible, you must need to follow the following eligibility criteria’s as,

  • You should have around two years of the experience & the graduation qualifications for qualifying as per H+ list of Anabin University.
  • Applicants from the Delhi or Mumbai region should have 16 years of the regular education either with four years of Bachelor degree or three years of the Bachelor degree, along with master degree.
  • Proficiency in English is also required for qualifying for this visa. It is also recommended to learn German Language for surviving in Germany.
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Some of the top occupation which is in demand in Germany is, Engineers, IT professionals, Mathematics, Scientists, Trades and more. You must also have passport which should be valid for around 12 months prior filing application of the Aadhar card, ration card, intermediate leaving certificate, SSC and even birth certificate. All documents related to education and experience should also be attached. Funds around EUR 7800 to EUR 8100 as per conversion rate are required. Funds must be held in the fixed or saving bank account, which is sufficient for around six months period of the stay.

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