Points To Be Noted Before Deciding On Being A Stockbroker

The stockbrokers are always in the news in the print media and on the television. Some films have been made on the subject wherein the job looks lucrative and sometimes otherwise which is the reality. The actual position is somewhat different. You must know the advantages and disadvantages of taking up acareer as a stockbroker. There are areas where the skilled people who have knowledge of various areas can get alucrative career,and in other cases one can gain the knowledge to have a career.

Points To Be Noted Before Deciding On Being A Stockbroker


Can have good pay

You can count the prime advantage of taking up being stockbroker as a career in terms of good salary. You are sure to take home a hefty pay in case you perform the job honestly and become successful later or sooner. Your pay will contain extra bonuses and commissions too. With the passage of time good stockbrokers grow to be wealthy,and best stock brokers in India have become very reputed by dint of their hard work and labor in the field.

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Security of job

It is sure that stockbroker has job security as they are ever in demand because the stock market thrives due to these brokers for the time the trading stocks exist. It is right for day trading and long-term trading because of increase in algorithmic trading. Being a stockbroker does not make you think of getting unemployed at any time. It can turn out to be true if you are successful and reputed in the industry.

Career Opportunities

In the stock market business, you have a benefit of having chances of career advancement also. You can rise to ahigher position in a company slowly by working diligently and get acomfortable position. In due course of time by learning several basic requirements, you can be amemberof the management. This job is always rewarding.

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High-Stress level plus Long Hours

One of the clear disadvantages can be said that the stockbrokers are always in stress positions in which they have to work for long hours. You are needed to perform continuously without delay,and you are required to maintain your performance graph higher. The stockbrokers have to work for at least 14 hours at a stretch. A number of successful stockbrokers experience tough time as they are unable to lead a normal life besides their work.

The Markets Affects Finances

A very obvious disadvantage that comes to fore can be about your income and finances which are going to be affected by the latest trends in the market. In case the economy dips or there happens to be arecession, the number of customers will decrease so profit will reduce and you will incur losses. Your economy is largely going to depend on stock markets and its well being.

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Cold-calling plus angry people

The stockbrokers are required to work for new business every day. It includes cold calling and selling your facilities and also products using the phone. In the process, you may come across angry or irritated individuals who will ruin your mood.