How Safely You Can Enjoy The Beaches In Summer

Summer time gives you an opportunity to spend time outdoors. However, over-exposure of your skin to ultraviolet rays pose skin and health conditions. Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause tanning, dryness, and premature aging. Skin tans due to melanin produced by the body to protect inner layers from sun damage.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also lead to fatigue, headache, excessive or lack of sweating among others. You should get out of the sun, drink plenty of water and you can seek medical attention if the symptoms are severe. Sun rays are harshest at around 11a.m to 4p.m. Avoid going out in the sun if possible. However, you don’t have to stay indoors. There are various ways you can prevent your skin from sun damage and enjoy your time at the beach.

How Safely You Can Enjoy The Beaches In Summer

1. Stay in the Shade

You should stay in the shade if possible to prevent direct contact of sun rays with your skin. Shade from an umbrella or shade trees will help you reduce the risk of skin damage by the sun. This will help you enjoy the beaches fully. You don’t have to stay in the shade throughout; you can alternate your stay in the sun and shade.

2. Slather on Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen thickly and evenly on all exposed skin including your lips, ears, hair etc. to prevent sun damage. You should apply sunscreen creams or lotions 30 minutes before going out in the sunlight and reapply it after every two hours while in the sun. Remember to apply it after swimming and drying. Sunscreen for face protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays by creating either a physical or chemical barrier. A physical barrier reflects sun rays while chemical barrier absorbs sun rays preventing them from reaching your skin.

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You should select good quality sunscreens from a reliable company. The best sunscreen has a broad spectrum protection that protects you from both UVA and UVB sun rays. It also has a Sun Factor Protection (SPF) of 30+. Mineral sunblock are chemical free and they contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are best for those with sensitive skin. Darker skin type endures longer in the sun without burning than light skin type.

While swimming apply a water resistant sunscreen since about 60% of UVB and 85% of UVA penetrate through the water to approximately 50cm beneath.

3. Cover up with Clothing

The clothing’s you put on are important in providing protection to your skin. Those with thick material or dark colors are preferred to those with light weight and color because they have high SPF. You can use the Sun Guard to wash your clothes this gives them SPF of 30. Tight garments may stretch and expose your skin to sun rays; hence, it is advisable to wear loose-fitting clothes.

Avoid staying with wet clothes since they expose you more to the sun rays. Wear a hat to give extra protection to your facial skin. Also, a denser fabric such as denim and sunglasses protect your skin from UV rays.

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4. Focus on Other Areas Too

Various areas other than the facial skin, makes your skin be vulnerable to skin cancer. It is important to apply sunscreen everywhere; especially the ears, scalp, fingers and toes, to prevent your skin from sun damage. Apply a lip balm with SPF 15 to protect them from the sun rays.

5. Avoid Rushing a Tan

Self-tanners are believed to create a base tan that will protect you from ultraviolet rays. They just create artificial color on your skin. Tanning oils have dangerous SPF levels that might lead to sunburns and premature aging. Thus, it is important and healthier to embrace natural skin tone. Tanning can be done by incorporating shimmery bronzer into your makeup products, using of Tan Towel self-tanning wipes or through a tanning bed. Sunless tanning does not reduce your exposure to the sun rays.

6. Swimming Skills

In order to enjoy your summer, you must have the appropriate skills of swimming in the ocean. Swim only on lifeguard-protected beach on the areas designated for swimming. You should also be alert to weather conditions. Be sober while swimming and avoid being alone. If you don’t trust your skills, you can use a life jacket while in the water. Be aware of the wind, tide effects and wave actions which might make you lose your footing. Avoid the areas that are prone to rip currents.

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7. Hydrate and Energize Yourself

It is important to keep your body hydrated throughout. Drink a lot of water while at the beach. This is because excess exposure to sunlight dehydrates your skin. Effect of waves can reduce your body energy. Thus, you can carry snacks along with you to energize yourself.

Moisturize your skin by use of a water-based moisturizer that is rich in vitamin E. It tones and moisturizes your skin effectively. It also prevents peeling and dryness.


Take caution to protect your skin since water and sand reflects the hostile sunrays and upsurge chance of sunburn. Shield your skin in order to have a nice time surfing, swimming or taking strolls in the sand. With the mentioned tips, you can enjoy life and have fun with friends at the beach.

Kathy M